the witch – an apology

this blog wishes to apologise to its readers.

to one reader in particular.

and to witches in general.

i realise it’s a pollution of the term; that witches are benign strivers for wisdom. apologies.

and to ‘the witch’ (she knows who she is) nothing but respect, mum.

we apologise that by using the term we may have given the impression that these people are even the same species as the late baroness you know who. (as someone once said ‘even sharing a planet is more related than i want to be’) don’t want her name on here more than i have to.

love to you all.


2 responses to “the witch – an apology

  1. Ding dong, the thing-that-insults-the-name-witch is dead. I’m sure she is resting well though, laughing at us all suffering the continuation of her evil ideology. She was a walk in the park compared to what is going down now. But then it’s all part of the fascist tory nasty party continuum innit?

    It’s the powerlessness that gets ya.

    Crikeeee, am I a bus? Nothin for ages and suddenly 2! One more for a hat trick??

  2. ding ding! move on down the bus please.

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