i’m being followed

it’s true it’s official and it’s hellish exciting (for me at least).

this sad and lame excuse for a blog (sneezes from the dust that has accumulated since last he posted) is being followed.

so exciting for me that i want to put a link to the following blog – but i’ll ask them first and then if they are good with it, i will add them to the bogroll.

how honoured they must feel!

how ‘about to get scores of extra readers’ they must be!

how do they live with the thrill?

we shall see.


6 responses to “i’m being followed

  1. good to see you at the top of my blogroll again, sugar! ;~) xoxox

  2. welcome again. impressive that you turn out and leave a comment on such an inconsequential post. if i’d thought anyone would be reading i’d have made an effort! still, very nice to have you back.

  3. Hello SW, it’s me Daisy.

    Battered and bruised with more to come from this toerag govt – but we knew what they would do didn’t we?

    Anyway, just thought I would take a little trip down memory blog lane. (I have brushed the Daisy P email off to use – amazed I remembered my password).

    Back to living the high life now with the 2p I have left from my 7.50 per day.


    Daisy P

  4. yayy! pukestar (sic(k)). what a joy to have you back at the blog.

    sorry i can’t invite you to stay over. the government have amputated my spare room.

    anyway, i’m far too busy to chat: i have been so irredeemably corrupted by the culture of tax credits that i’m off out to nick some matches so i can barbecue my kids.

    cos that’s what we’re all like.

    all of us.

    without exception.

    and that’s logic that is.

  5. SW, I hope the BarBK went ok. But you know what they say, “give a man some kids to eat for day, he will need kids tomorrow. Give a man some tax credits, and he can buy a new house and a yacht.”

    (Sorry for the belated, errr, very belated reply!)


    • daisy daisy daisy! you’re back. flowers in the spring etc (albeit autumn…).

      that reminds me – i must write another post from the boathouse. in a country getting harder and more unkind by the day we all need a place of serenity. that place that is just for us.
      oh lummee, that sounds like a cheesy trailer for this blog. or a trailer full of cheese.

      respect always from your wondering chum!

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