occupy london – what was it all about?

so occupy london has moved on. and people are asking what it was all about? me too.

well for me, it represented people with different (though related) agendas. it showed them coming together. it became a space where they spoke, put forth their ideas and shared them. above all it was a place WHERE PEOPLE LISTENED. there are many voices in society and not enough ears. we are all guilty of it, being so busy shouting our opinion we have no time to listen to anyone else’s.

if you visited, you would have seen people listening to each other; listening to opinions, hopes, wishes, concerns. and because they listened they were able to consider whether they agreed and their own opinions could be modified. nothing will start to change without people listening. because people listened in this space and respected views they may or may not share, the debate was able to move forward.

of course it didn’t answer questions or solve the problems of society. do its critics really think that could happen simply because some people went and camped outside a building? it never pretended it had the answer – unlike politicians and those omniscient voices from the right. but it did say ‘this is wrong and it must change’.

it posed questions. it showed anyone who was uneasy about the never-hope, never-believe, never-question death grip capitalism exerts on all of us and our desire for something more human, that we weren’t the only ones thinking like that. it was the putney debates of the 21st century. it may well achieve as much – and as little – as they did. like all umbrella organisations, it came, had its moment and then went. but it shoved a crowbar into the door marked ‘no entry’ and opened it a tiny crack to let us see just how blinding and beautiful the light can be on the other side. it begged us to open the door a bit further and see what happens.

where do we go from here? well, where do we want to go?

and to the everlasting fury of those who close their ears and will not hear of anything better or different; those whose own dreams have been denied so long they cannot bear to see anyone else dreaming; those who wish everyone else to fail the way they have, it was achieved without violence. how pissed off were they about that?


10 responses to “occupy london – what was it all about?

  1. …and they did make such clever signs too. I thought “What would Jesus do?” was particularly good, with its link to that big churchy-building next to where they pitched their tents.

    • yep. should definitely have been more surreal with the signage. getting your point across by being deliberately obscure has long been a favourite of mine. as you know. problem is, people don’t get it so much, so we have to make occasional concessions to the straightforward. and shakespeare used juxtaposition for dramatic irony, so it must be cool.
      even if he was never quite sure how to spell his own name. it’s always the tiny details that trip you up, eh!

  2. and in a world where ‘tweeny humpadick’ has just been displaced by ‘women slimy things’ as the second most common search bringing traffic to this site [‘fraid so] you do have to wonder just how simple a point has to be before people will actually get it.

    and because i know you are dying to ask, the top search is, as it has always – yes always – been ‘great big donkey cock’.
    and that fact is one of the things that makes my life worth living!

  3. Well the more you repeat the phrase great big donkey cock SW, the higher up the ratings of searches for great big donkey cock you’ll get.

    The internetz – a mixed blessing I’ve always thought. On the one hand, shopping and booking train tickets is so much easier. On the other so is searching for the kind of highly illegal porn you’d have had to visit many backstreets to find years ago. But it doesn’t always work of course!

  4. hang on a sec polls, – you mean the more i say great big donkey cock, the more popular and successful i become? in fact, when you just said great big donkey cock, you too boosted my standing in the eyes of all right-thinking people. it’s like being a buddhist and thinking chanting nam myoho renge kyo (probably) will make the world a fab place. that’s ridiculous! the only sensible response is: great big donkey cock. it’s gonna be a long way back for tweeny humpadick.

    who’d a thought a bus stop in four lane ends could be the secret of world harmony?

  5. ya know, polly. i have just checked my stats and the figure show that on days when i say great big donkey cock, i get double the traffic.

    i have only one thing to say to that (oh yes, you can see where this is going).

    great big donkey cock.

    mind you 6 of my 7 clicks were form switzerland. the other from brazil. how do we analyse that???

    on another note, i am banning myself from comment is free. i called out some donkey cock for whining about feminists being ‘*insert usual list of criticism here*’ and his response included the word feminazis. i think i hate that term more than nigger. perhaps because even nasty people know they’ll get shouted at if they try and use nigger as a term of abuse, but they can still get away with the f word. i really am sad for society right now and like the 80s i can see no way to make it better. unlike the 80s i lack the pure anger of youth. and of course i lack youth itself. it was always quite exciting (and pleasantly mindless) simply advocating the violent murder of the tories. these days, it’s not as if they don’t deserve it any more but i just can’t quite bring myself to do it at my age. and again unlike the 80s it seems we have nothing left to believe in any more. i mean, where is new romanticism when you need it?

    and while i started there’s a place for us as a refuge from all that anger and dirt, it begins once again to feel more and more like the brecht line:

    Ah, what an age it is
    When to speak of trees is almost a crime
    For it is a kind of silence about injustice!

    i quite like that translation. for me it has the right amount of stiltedness that i expect from a line of brecht. even in his poetry he doesn’t want to let you drift away on the beauty of the image when there are other things to think about. well of course that’s the point of the poem isn’t it. so, many points for the king of obvious there.

    maybe i will win some kind of award for starting a high proportion of my sentences with conjunctions. gotta have a dream.

  6. “mind you 6 of my 7 clicks were form switzerland. the other from brazil. how do we analyse that???”

    I’d say that the great big donkey cock is indeed a niche interest.

    I know what you mean about CiF. You just get drawn into stupid arguments and then have to correct the stupid people saying obviously stupid things. Anything with gays and religion is particularly bad. How often do you have to repeat the link to the “things that are forbidden in the bible” wiki before these people get the point? It’s not good for sanity. Personally I think knitting is better. Or even doing some work when one is in the office!

  7. But while we are on religion a woman at knitting had to go and stay with a load of catholic priests last week and apparently THEY are embarassed by Cardinal O’Brien.

  8. ‘a woman at knitting’

    8 months later, i have just realised the implication. polly the ferminator (it’s like a feminist terminator, though as i feel the need to explain the term it is obviously insufficiently clear and will never catch on) goes to a knitting group.
    i hope you all plot the downfall of patriarchy and western capitalism (why just western? i dunno – don’t want to overtax even the feminist knitting cooperative) as you in-over-under-off the evening away.

    we love you, polly.

  9. i was going to mention mme defarge of course. but i forgot.

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