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thirty years too late they arrest the hate-pedlars of the sun. i need to lie down; my sides are hurting. but the reaction from one of the current liars in chief includes this gem of newspeak:

the “Sun has a proud history of delivering ground-breaking journalism”

they are presumably very proud that their lies were believed to such an extent that britain’s sheep bleated in thatcher and major time and again.

they are proud of the career break they have given to so many young ladies who would otherwise have been left shivering without their underwear.

they are proud of the jingoistic hate that made them complicit in the deaths of a thousand over a small series of rocks in the south atlantic.

they are proud to have exposed the ‘fact’ that dole-queue-scroungers live in luxury while unfortunate millionaire bankers starve.

they are proud of the racism oozing from their pages that allowed the death of one young man in south london to be acceptable to the police and the ruling elite for 18 years.

proud to have replaced thought with knee-jerkery; compassion with self-righteousness; logic with bigotry. proud to have done all this with no other thought than to keep their lizard-masters in perpetual power.

oh and money.

they will be especially proud that they never got caught – until now…

kinda ground-breaking if they all get jailed, i suppose.


5 responses to “it says here

  1. A bit harsh, SW – they have written some rather good headlines, “I slept with 1,000 men.. but I used to be a man myself” being a particularly fine recent example.

  2. the tabloids, sugar. the same around the world. *sigh* xox

  3. ah john, as ever, your superior knowledge shames me. the headline had escaped my notice and certainly makes up for decades of nonsense.

    savannah – i’m just glad you popped in to catch a post rare for its lack of anti-americanism. i can do it when i try, you see.

  4. don’t forget hillsborough. They haven’t in Liverpool.

  5. but here’s a thing:
    q: what do you do when a newspaper (sic) is involved in the corruption of her majesty’s constabulary?
    answer a) close the fuckers down and put those who may be responsible on trial?
    or b) err oh what us? we don’t really know anything about all of this, we’re just off to the shops for our fabulous new sun on sunday as promoted by the archbishop of york.

    have i entirely lost the plot or does somebody come round and wipe the hard drives of those in power every night as they retire to their pod and plug into the grid to prepare for another hard day of making people redundant and giving their friends (ahememmaharrisonahem) millions of quid of our bloody money as reward for not making things any bastarding better?

    ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow…

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