in the time of strikes

i can’t condone this kind of behaviour.

a group of people holding the country to ransom for their own private gain; they don’t have a mandate – less than half the people who could have voted to show support for their actions did so. maybe we need to change the law to punish people who do this – it just can’t be right that schools, borders – all areas of public life are disrupted, that children are without education and people who rely on essential public services should suffer for no fault of their own.

that’s why tomorrow i will not be supporting the actions of the government.

yeah, of course you knew where i was going with it. if you want surprises, you could try sticking your fingers in the electrical socket.


6 responses to “in the time of strikes

  1. well it was cold, but good fun. For me it wasn’t just about the pensions, or not even mainly about my pension (TBH I could afford my extra contributions and I’d happily pay that extra in tax for decent public services). It was about the whole damn thing. Especially Gideon. This wallpaper millionheir is killing me. One of us will have to go.

    And the biggest co-ordinated action since the general strike. Come and join us private sector workers…You don’t have to take this crap, you don’t have to sit back and relax-

  2. glad you had a good strike. hoping to post about it later, but on behalf of me and anyone else who would have gone on strike but didn’t couldn’t etc (sadly one friend said she actually couldn’t afford to lose a day’s pay so ended up not going in but making up the time elsewhere – and i believe her: 2 kids and a london mortgage and a husband just out of work) sincere thanks and appreciation to you and all who got involved in any way. you were marching for a lot more people than ‘just’ the thousands who made it the best ‘damp squib’ i can remember (i assume dave must have been referring to gideon when he said that). respect.

  3. I wouldn’t expect anyone to go on strike if they genuinely couldn’t afford to, and yes I know some people are absolutely on the breadline, a huge number in fact. But it has been massively heartening to see formerly apathetic colleagues joining the union, many of them very much ‘worcester woman’ (except in Manchester obvs). Gideon will regret the day he pissed off so many women. Soon, hopefully.

  4. for me one of the things that always makes the bad times (ie tory government) less awful is the politicisation of those formerly uninterested and the strength people find to meet the challenges.
    still wish we didn’t need to, though.

  5. Here this will cheer you up SW. I wanted to go and picket that Thatcher film,
    but people said to me don’t be daft, you can’t picket a film. Anyways…

  6. oh poll – it so did! great link. it’s great to have proof that all those women who were so solid for the strike haven’t gone away.

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