obligatory news international take

readers of this blog…

yeah ok, that is just silly.

ahem! the writer of this blog remembers the saurian dom raab. if you don’t (and why should you?) you can see where he first writhed into my ken here https://simplywondered.wordpress.com/2011/01/25/slimy-things-did-crawl-with-legs/. i am delighted that he lives up to form as a grade A twerp by using his elected position in the motherf#*&@!$ of parliaments to reveal the real villains of the news of the world scandal… who are

those who are responding with unpleasant glee to the temporary difficulties faced by that paragon of virtue the news of the world.

lest we should be in any doubt about my own moral turpitude, i would point out that glee just doesn’t cover it for me. not even with a capital G and a 2hr special of annoying american teenagers miming to studio sounds on channel 4. anyway, here was me thinking it was them pesky muckrakers who were the villains of the piece when it fact it was me by the simple act of crowing loud and long (oh how loud!) that these bastards had been caught doing all the naughty things they do in the noble cause of making money.

and lest we should be in any doubt about the upright nature of rebekah brooks and andy coulson and their approach to things like the truth, these were the people who had two views about whether they had paid police for information:

view 1 was ‘no we didn’t’,

view 2 was ‘yes we did’.

they used these answers to the question more or less interchangeably and at random. however they were quite certain that if they did pay police they only did it in a legal way.

glee glee fucking glee.

talking of people who really are moral, geoffrey robertson qc (i’m a bit of a fan – sad, really but he is and always has been dead cool) explained the complex legal situation thus: ‘paying the police is illegal’. anyone got any moral or legal queries on that ???


2 responses to “obligatory news international take

  1. Way back in the day, the newly arrived on these shores Robertson was resident on best friend’s living room floor and passed his time watching cricket on tv and intoning ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust/ if Lillee don’t get you Thommo must’ much to bf’s irritation.

    Just look ahim now.

  2. dead cool; like what i said!

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