the budget … fairness … a certain ratio

just read this – it says so much more than i could:

osbore’s 4:1 is a fine and fair theory. as i understand it, this means that when you need a bit of cash, you raise £1 from a bank and £4 from the old, the disabled, the homeless, the poor and generally workshy over-procreating council house-occupying democracy-detroying muslim-leaning single mothers. adds up to £2.5 billion from the banks and £11 billion from the underclass. terribly hammersmith, darling. please do not adjust your calendars; this is not the 1980’s.

further details at worshipthe – simples!


6 responses to “the budget … fairness … a certain ratio

  1. Because I feel this is the bestest and most sympathetic place to vent my already-boiling-over rage against the Tory Machine, I am posting this link here (not sure how long it will be up, at least a few weeks), enjoy :

    The only cuts Dave and his lot ever had to make in their lives were how to cut down on the partying at Oxford or whatever elitist entitled educational establishment they attended, and most of them failed abysmally at that. Highly qualified to make sure the poor stay poor, poorer and poorest, sick, sicker and sickest etc eh?? After all, they didn’t give a fkin shit then and they don’t now. I am fking livid (as usual).

  2. vent away, daisy, vent away! it’s one of the reasons the place for us is here.

    there’s a place for us
    somewhere to vent for us
    have a rant and we’re almost there
    take your hand from your underwear…

    erm sorry about the last bit. maybe needs a bit of work.
    roger hammersmith III

  3. Yes, you do need to work on that last bit Roger- it should be “take your hand from MY underwear”. haha

  4. well i didn’t want to presume – i mean it’s not that kinda blog!

  5. ok – “have a rant and we’re almost there,
    just need to put on clean underwear”

    (which I always do when I am not going commando)

    Not too rude??

  6. that’ll do me! lyrics by miss daisypukee.

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