latest search term mania

it should surprise nobody that my searches now have an even more phallic quality than of yore.

some of our new favourites are (yes) ‘donky cock’ (for sheer predictability) and the infinitesmally more creative tho equally badly spelled ‘donky + cock’ and the direct ‘there’s a great big penis up my butt’.

however, head, shoulders and rampant donkey danglers above the rest is the simultaneously comforting and enquiring ‘how does sweetmeal biscuit appeal to us’. if ever they discovered how web searches really work they would (to steal shamelessly from douglas adams) promptly disappear to be replaced by something even more inexplicable.


4 responses to “latest search term mania

  1. If there was a great big penis up your butt, (just trying to get your stats up) would you be likely to be simultaneously updating the interwebs?

  2. who knows? i am a man of many talents of course. and talking of great big penises, are you looking forward to the tory conference next week?

  3. And mentioning the Tories, I will be able to walk about Manchester tomorrow without falling over prats in pinstripes, Hurrah! Apparently Dave was jogging around this morning, unfortunately I was in Alderley Edge so missed the chance to throw eggs (and probably get shot by Greater Manchester police if I did).

  4. this is assuming they don’t leave a few pimply recently-ex virgins on the moors (or whatever you call a field in manchester) clutching an empty bottle that previously contained second-rate fizz and a pair of pants that once (almost) contained a party hackette dazzled by the glamour of the distant prospect of a stripey shirt and a safe seat somewhere ending in ‘-shire’.
    or release boris into the wild.

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