pointless post about a non-sad search

you’ll never believe what my top search term is right now?

nowt freaky.

witchy woo‘ is currently in pole position (not in any terpsichorean way obviously). admittedly she is hotly pursued by the refreshingly enthusiastic ‘big penis wow great’ and the frankly humdrum ‘bigpenis‘ (no time to hit the space bar, there might be some hot porn out there getting cold). which i think proves that even in the warped world of the intatoobz a good witch beats 2 large knobs.

hurrah fer witchy again.


10 responses to “pointless post about a non-sad search

  1. … I just get collections of people clicking on the hyperlinx – and the most popular of THOSE is related to an image of a Copper Haired Beauty, and another of a pair of Spanx. Heaven forfend that the Copper Haired Beauty was to be SEEN wearing a pair of Spanx – the effect of this is too TERRIBLE even to imagine………

  2. Three years after my post about the figure skating costumes in the Winter Olympics, “exposed crotch shots” continues to be a top search term. Week after week.

  3. wtf is/are spanx? i feel so old.

    once again, reclusive leftist is the place to go for pictures of the genital region of figure skaters. you must be so proud, vi.

  4. Hah! I have a question as my top search phrase, “Why need men?” Well, why indeed…. Can’t think of a single reason…..

  5. not entirely surprised they found you, sarah…

  6. Cheers SW, that really made me laugh 😀

  7. Polly Styrene

    Ok I couldn’t resist. What page are on – 100? The lengths some people will go to for big penises.

    OTOH “I woke up today with a penis”

    Well just GIVE IT BACK you thief…….

  8. Polly Styrene

    Last week I met this hot chick at a local bar, and after some flirting, I got bold and put her hand right on my cock. She practically dragged me out of the bar and back to her house. I’ve never felt so confidant or performed like I do now. Thank you for providing such a great product. Now I know for sure chicks like a big penis.

    Really? Can I point out if you’re bored on the internetz that amazon.co.uk are generally eeeevil, but they currently have some great deals on sandals?

  9. ‘OTOH “I woke up today with a penis”’

    well i hope you got out of bed and went home fast – for dog’s sake poll, did nobody tell you you’re a lesbian? honestly.

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