25 years too late

watching footage of the g20 protest, it seems the media has decided the police have a bit of a thing for beating the crap out of unarmed members of society.

two thoughts spring to mind.

one – orgreave. the footage was there. it was no secret. i saw it and i know lots of others did. the media were pretty quiet about it. not the sort of story they wanted, i suppose. not like the miners who dropped the concrete on a taxi taking a striker to work. that got lots of play. they moved heaven and earth to show it. fair enough, that was murder (or a perfect piece for the news, depending on how you look at it), but chasing unarmed men over a mile on horseback armed and in riot gear isn’t exactly the hallmark of a healthy democratic society. brown people do that and we send in the un. 25 years and they start to worry about police violence. even the dinosaurs thought quicker than that.

two – when i saw the footage on the news tonight it bore the imprint of sunday times tv. call me a cynical old sod but when did they get this stuff of police hitting people with riot shields? it’ s been a while since it happened. still, i wouldn’t want to accuse the press of jumping on a bandwagon.

all the bad stories coming out of westminster are about the government. it can’t be they are the only ones doing crap things, can it? it seems murdoch and the other press barons who feed us with the news they need to warp our opinions and make sure the government we have is favourable to their interests, has tired of labour. my friend dave will be delighted. i called to tell him but sam said he was off down the ‘undefined embarassing disease clinic’ and then claimed fran was on the other line bitching about her sham marriage. frankly i have no idea what all that was supposed to be about. hope she hadn’t been at the cooking sherry. again.

still, if annoying people tell you the government is politicising the police, just smile and say ‘orgreave’. freaks the fuck out of them.

but do remember. plenty of people fought very hard to stop all that ‘armed cavalry riding down (unpopular) members of the public’ shit. they’ll be happy it’s come around again and this time with acceptable victims. not scum like the miners who wanted to plunge us into a second dark ages. and maybe feed their families, selfish buggers.

oh yeah… and that crap about those who forget their past being doomed to repeat it. or as brecht would say: ‘the bitch is in heat again’.


16 responses to “25 years too late

  1. Different times SW.

    The miners strike was a different kettle of fish altogether, it happened during a time when the country was prosperous, but the mines were losing money hand over fist. There was an element of bullying, many miners wanted to go into work, but were unable to do so for fear of violence to themselves or their families. The picture of a unanimity amongst the miners was mis-leading.

    My uncle went to prison, he was one of the striking miners, but make no mistake, he isn’t proud of what happened or what he did and will not even talk about it anymore. My opinion is that the miners (inadvertently) killed the goose that layed the golden egg, the mines could have turned a profit, but they became the epicentre of a political battle between the union and the government and the miners were the mis-led casualties.

    As for the G20 protests, it comes at a time of considerable political unrest, the economy is in decline, the banking system is in meltdown, there is a cloak of depression hanging over the country and it is seen that a political protest was stifled, not through fear of violence, but through an ever embracing grasp of state control that has slowly but surely crept into our alleged democracy.

    God this post makes me feel old, most of those reading would be but a twinkle in their daddy’s eye at the time of Orgreave!

  2. And now, they are talking about freezing the minimum wage in order to help private businesses survive – hello? What about taking back some of the obscene bonuses that those friggin bankers made and just walked away with to help keep the minimum wage going – I mean, it’s so low as to be slave wages anyway. It seems that the taxpayer and the low-waged, have to foot the bill for the mess those greedy pigs left?

  3. Looking back, I would say the miners strike was all about Thatcher exacting political retribution for what the miners did to Heath in the seventies. I’d certainly agree about Orgeave which appears to have now been airbrushed out of British history. It is also worth reminding ourselves that this year sees the 30th anniversary of Southall, with the NF, ANL, SPG and the death of Blair Peach.


  4. Simp? You don’t mind if I call you Simp do you? Great. So tell me. I noticed someone here called you “son”. And I wondered, simply wondered you understand, are you the little ‘un or the big ‘un up above?

  5. Simp means Homer Simpson

  6. barmaid – different times but the same laws. from a mining family myself so the strike and working with miners’ support groups was poignant. however, if you want ‘an ever embracing grasp of state control’ how about police cars waiting on the A1 arresting any four men in a car because they were bound to be pickets. true – i saw them and i know people who were arrested.

    bar boy – scary how similar our memories are.

    sis – hey!!! great to have you here (first time i think). please settle in – take a stroll down to the boathouse, pour yourself a scotch and dip into one of the books. they aren’t all mine – people tend to discover whatever they want in there. if you want any help, daisy is here more often than i am. in fact it’s virtually her blog.
    the person who calls me ‘son’ is witchy woo, my blog mother. she was the first person to take me under her wing online. she comments at vi’s place sometimes. she and vi look after me and tolerate lots of my silliness. their kindness is beyond measure. (seriously). but of course you know vi…
    the header photo is just a visual representation of this place (for us). i am neither and both of the figures.
    or maybe not. choose whichever you want me to be and i’ll try to live up to it.

    in fact, a big ‘there’s a place for us’ welcome to those who have commented for the first time – the blog where you never have to mind out for the traffic. i love having friends round – treat the place as your own.

    hey daisy – we got company!!!

  7. sis – i’m very sorry – i’ve just popped over to witchy’s and see you have commented there and for all i know went to primary school with her! i’m always doing that – my best was describing someone to a friend and saying’ you should meet him – you’d really like him’ ‘i do’ said the friend, ‘he was my best man’. oh well – at least i was right to assume they would get on.

  8. i really am simp as in simpson…

  9. Ahhh Simp. Did you get inta the Scotch widout da kippers to cool the heat?

    You knew me a a different life. I had hooves, then. She had to be put down though. So now I’m Sis who also wondered about you and the piens?

    You’ve always been one of my favs wherever I find you. This is the most important thing in a man I’m sure all feminists will agree: a cracking good sense of humour and a rare way with language.


  10. sis – quite embarrassed by your kind comments, but thank you; you are really rather too kind.

    i understand your reference to a former hoofed avatar. i welcome your new incarnation with as much joy as the previous one!

    small and perfectly-formed trees to you, too.

  11. Do you really do Bonsai? I too admire it, but something pinches, hurts when I see being done, nearly always by men that I have seen. I think of Robin Morgan’s poem about Bonsai. She likens what we do to women as a kind of bonsai.

  12. Also a very pertinent point (in the Daily Male of all places).

    Was the policing at the G20 demo any different to the policing of many protests during the past 15 years? Not in my experience. Finally, though, complaints are being taken seriously because we have the technology. All those phone cameras mean the police cannot carry on as they always have. I never wanted a camera in my phone, or a toaster in my hairdryer, or all these dumb multifunctional devices …but this time, you know, I see the point. The surveillance society is turning its gaze right back. And the police are in trouble.

  13. it’s the ruby in the dust.

  14. In my haste of late, I have been speed-reading through the comments, and I think in the white-heat haze of the speediness, noted something SW said about this being my blog? Then, I believe it may have been perceived that I seemed to disappear when you (SW)said we have company. (no one probably noticed but humour me, I’m trying to apologise here).

    This was pure coincidence and in no way related to the fact that I felt a sudden personal responsibility for this blog! Yikes! Personal responsibility??? EEK!

    I am still sans pc, still relying on trying to do all my “stuff” within the strict limitations of a public library ‘puter.

    I’m sure you have all been waiting on the edge of your seats for that update.

    I have no idea what I just said – no time to proof-read – clock is giving me the 5 min warning!

  15. But I did love this comment – “The surveillance society is turning its gaze right back.”

  16. I was waiting patiently for SW to post an entry about Dave C and how he’s suddenly sat up, taken notice, and discovered how when you point one finger at someone, there are three more pointing back at yourself, regarding the expenses shite.

    Suddenly, it’s not up to Labour, uh oh, his lot are just as bad! Now he has some ideas about how to address this “scandal” and he’s said “sorry”, so that makes us all like him again.

    I guess he’s secretly sorry that he will no longer be able to have the taxpayers cover the cost of his hair gel, tooth whitening, and ladies stockings,and oh yes, probably porn.

    Sw – how have you been able to restrain yourself?

    Yours faithfully


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