sad search – short post

‘big piens’

oh dearie dearie me.


32 responses to “sad search – short post

  1. An innocent tree- enthusiast and they were searching for “big Pines”?

    I have no idea why this is so upsetting to you SW?!?!

  2. i don’t like people mis-spelling trees. it’s disrespectful of the earth mother.

  3. ….or, an osteopath, chiropractor, or even an archeologist, or one of those guys who is into dinosaur stuff (spelling I’m not even going to attempt, a guy like Ross in Friends,one of those), who is looking for plus-sized “spines”.

    Even so, still mis-spelled.

    I just cannot think what else it could be.

    My, it’s lovely and calm in here. I think I will do some meditation, rather than stirring some Sh*t which is my normal modus operandi.

    As if I would ever do that here.

    Besides, I’ve been getting it out of my system doing elsewhere. 😉

  4. I meant “spine” singular of course, eg, column of vertabra.

  5. Where is witchy?

  6. Which is more worrying, I wonder? The mis-spelling or the person BEHIND the mis-spelling?!? eeeeee!!!!!!!

  7. I would guess the person behind would be the more worrying issue here. If they cannot even spell “spine” or “pines”, then we have a problem my friends. Shall we have a heated debate on the education standards, or lack thereof?

    Would witchy know the answers to these profound questions? Is that why, kind of apropos of nowt, someone has kindly enquired as to her whereabouts?

    Why am I being so effing polite and formal?

    I will keep you hanging in suspense as to the answers to these cliff-hanging questions dear friends.

  8. Sorry, couldn’t see the forest for the piens.

  9. I think if you have piens, you would want them to be big.

  10. don’t be so sizeist, poll! there’s more to life than large coniferous trees.
    my taste tends towards the bonsai.

  11. If the piens were that big, of course you would not be able to see the storef for the ester.

    Size indeed does matter where trees are concerned. Now bushes, that’s another story altogether. I prefer a dainty, delicate variety, rather like myself.

    My, we’re a horticultural little group!

    Is landscape gardening the new rock & roll??

    Just off to admire the big piens out my window.

  12. You’re tasting piens!? Have you tasted many?

  13. Where did cows come from?

    But no, sheep are the new cows.

    Yes, tasting a nice drop of Chateau Piens 1995. Fruity yet a hint of creosote, and that hint of pien is heaven!

    Wine is the new lager.

    Note: Tasted one piens, you’ve tasted them all.

  14. Years ago a schoolteacher told me that she set an essay ‘a day at the seaside’…

    One dear child unburdened themself of the following line…

    ‘I like to put my penis in slot machines’.

    Mind you, who doesn’t?

  15. did the schoolteacher not realise the child meant piens? is it any wonder people today can’t spell?

  16. I knew there was a reason I stay away from anything below waist level that you have to put a coin into.

    I am relieved that the child did not try to put his spine in the slot machine. Or maybe he meant spine, and spelled it penis.

    Did I say “am relieved”? I meant, “am amused”, or should I say, “am not bothered”?

    Well, we can at least eliminate that kid from being the original “big piens” google culprit.

    Just think, there is someone, somewhere, out there, still innocently googling away, totally unaware that he has generated all this chat.

    Still, he may just find it if he types it in again.

  17. Oh well, there was me thinking that we had a little party going there for awhile.

    As usual, I’m now dancing alone. and there is no one to pick up my hairbrush microphone when I drop it from too vigorous gyrations.

  18. but at least it’s march; and i really think with all the talk of piens we really don’t want to get into your vigorous gyrations.

  19. No need to snipe at the poor child

  20. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    #1 Top Search Engine – Google

  21. I found a piens in the coke machine today, in the little slot where you get the change returned.

    This machine was not even located anywhere near the seaside. Could this be a worrying new trend for the young or even not so young? Like happy-slapping, only more unhygienic?

    The piens I found was very small, so assume it was a child’s.

    They will do anything these days to get their sugar fix.

  22. ps, am I being googled?

  23. The Google link on Speedy’s post has Daisy as a search word (I assume that’s what they are), along with “spine”, “chiropractor” “acne” “black people” and “blog at wordpress” – not sure why that link was put there. Oh well, infamy at last – thank god there was no”piens” in the search.

  24. definitely no chiropractors here, ma’am. nearest we got is talldoc.

  25. oh talldoc – snipe – yeah good – see what you’re doing there; like it. you were wasted on medicine. (oh just wasted when you decided to go into it…)

  26. You know what they say about tall men and their snipe-ing. Are his feet big I wonder? Assuming, in a sexist way, that the doc is a man. oops!

  27. Daisy P is you’re looking for big feet there’s a lot over at Vi’s. Isn’t she surprising sometimes?

  28. Hi Me – who are you? I know you aren’t me, so you must be you, but who are you? I hope you like being you, I would like to be someone other than me sometimes, so maybe I could be you now and again.

    I am wondering how you know about the BigFoot situation over at Vi’s. Is this personal experience?

    My eyebrows are in permanent ascension every time I read her site yes. I am always surprised when reading her blog – ( disclosure – I am merely being polite and playing the game here, not sure why the adjective “surprising” was used in reference to Vi’s site).

  29. of course there is a “ps “… ps – – my earlier comment was not implying that I was looking for any men with big feet or anything else anatomically big as such – but, metaphorically, a man with a big heart would be nice yes, but I’m not holding my breath. My life goes on without any male presence. Most of them smell of Eau de Porn. Ugh.

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