no jokes – but some sparkle

a friend has set up an e-petition asking that rape be officially recognised as torture and persecution.

sparklematrix has kindly put up a post about it with a link to the petition site. please sign it – even i managed to do that!

sparkle is in my blogroll but if that’s too tricky and in the unlikely event that you don’t know her excellent blog, you can find her at



9 responses to “no jokes – but some sparkle

  1. Polly has also put the petition on her blog too. The signatures have doubled in the past couple of days. Well done.

  2. the pair of you are brilliant. thanks – i know it’s coals to newcastle for you both, but still, thank you.

  3. and speaking of polly, i had a link for her old blog, but no idea where it’s at now. any help???
    of course if polly could leave a comment here i would be both honoured and informed! i miss the cows.

  4. Yup the link was on Sparks’ all the time SW! The MRA’s managed to find it (and MI5/6) Thought you had given up writing this in favour of holding more grudges than lonely high court judges or something though….

  5. heavens, no. i am studying pretty hard but then i never wrote that much here even when i wasn’t. just when the mood takes me. and when the tories manage to be more evil than usual.
    this is my quiet place to come and hang out with a few friends (very few)(but very nice friends). which is why it’s lovely when you visit. you are most welcome. and i’m happy i found your blog – i had the old link (even saved it in my bookmarks!), but then it changed and i had to click from sparks’ and then that stopped working. and now it’s a ll working again. unless it was all just me being shite.
    and what are the chances of that?

  6. Late, but blogged for you.

  7. thanks, nemo! you will be blessed for it.

  8. Blessed? I think I’d spontaneously combust….

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