and this is what i want to do for a living????

it was effectively confirmed today that women who drink are just asking to get raped. it emerged that an award to a raped women was reduced by 25% because the woman had been drinking. and it was one of 14 such cases last year. i have no words, but i heard a female voice on the news (may have been the woman herself) say:

drinking isn’t a crime. rape is a crime.

bridget prentice the appropriate minister says ‘a victim of rape is not in any way at all culpable due to alcohol consumption’. it would be nice if this reflected real life. apparently the person who made the decision to reduce the award ‘received advice’. and a slap.

fortunately, the tories (you remember them, they were something in the eighties…) have sorted the problem with the legal system. they reckon it’s them bloody liberal pinko commie faggot subversive judges (you know the ones) who are randomly giving people bail. and then they all go and murder people. well, bail must stop. lock em all up now. before they murder again. or at all. end crime at a stroke – lock us all up.

good job somebody has a grown-up approach to criminal justice. i blame the bloody human rights act / europeans / immigrunts etc. [please delete as appropriate]

and in the spirit of juxtaposition, i wanted to share the best search i have ever had and one which made me feel complimented by it having found me, because it must say something good about the blog:

sing her name is love is sweat

damn, i wish i’d written that! thanks, mystery searcher and i so hope you find what you are after.

or what you need.


16 responses to “and this is what i want to do for a living????

  1. The ruling on the award reduction was overturned:
    I may blog it myself later, but I have to go out and have a life for a bit ….

  2. You modding comments now? Or did it just eat mine?

  3. and again – check your spam thingy?

  4. there it is – thanks for link. how many award reductions weren’t appealed?

  5. I know. That’s the scary part.

  6. I’ve been reading the recent Harper’s, and I’m informed [last paragraph pg.85] you burned the interior of the Library of Congress during the little misunderstanding of 1812.

    Sure, we burned the whole city of York in Canada first, and the Parliament, and probably killed a whole lot of people, but did they have a library. You burned a Library!

    I just got no truck with that.

    Librarians have taken care of me my whole life. I used to sleep in libraries as a little kid, in those big leather chairs in empty rooms under slow turning fans. Cute Librarians would bring me books about castles and dragons, gilgamesh and king arthur, sleeping beauty and the prince in search of the burning feather.

    I can’t even think about a burning Library. That’s where they keep all the Truths. That’s where they keep Everything. That’s where the Legacy is.

    After that we’re in the Darkness again.

    I’d fight aliens from the other side of the galaxy for a Library, or even a cute Librarian.

    I never thought the people around me would put the Library burners and Truth destroyers in charge.

    Is this America? Who went to sleep? I wasn’t asleep. I swear. I wasn’t asleep. What happened?


    Just a Dream.

  7. I see by your silence you’re suggesting a false flag operation, and we did this ourselves to motivate the patriots. Well. Maybe. I wouldn’t put it past us. Damn Yanks.

    In more current events, how did Reclusive Leftist manage to turn into that mad hatter, Jonah Goldberg (a right-wing maniac who does it for money)? Her once wonderful blog is not even nuanced vituperation anymore, just pure rancour and bizarre (as in “not even creative”) calumny. The world is diminished without her.

    I never imagined I understood people, but now I know even less. Worse, I wonder under what circumstances I could turn to this.

    Well, enough of that. Pass me a beer, mate.

  8. *passes a very large cold one; chinks bottles and takes a good glug*

    i’m sure vi is and will be fine; she’s fighting something that makes her passionate and mad as hell (‘and she’s not going to take it any more’). it’s like when i was waiting for his bobness to start a gig in his own good time and i asked one of the dylanheads what they thought he would do, he said:’he’ll do whatever he does and that’s why it’s him’. maybe reclusive leftist is currently less entertaining for us, but it’s an amazing development – a mature feminist has had not so much a road to damascus moment (because she is kinda going the same way from what i see) but a flash of lighting in the skull and is directing her formidable energies in a particular direction. and maybe there is rancour – rancour is what you get when people are pissed off.
    still, i do share your longing for the return of nuanced vituperation. how i wish i could nuance my own.
    actually, when i shifted my blog from ‘and this doesn’t strike you as odd’ which was conceived as a way to shout into the void to here which i always saw as a more mellow, even elegiac, place and one where i hoped friends would come (and indeed you do!), it was a sea-change in my thinking – the next stage in the journey. violet is starting a fresh phase in her journey; it’s often nice for us to watch and even share, but it’s her journey. [woah – loooong sentence]
    treasure the insights and laughs you have had from her and hope they will return – for now, she’s doing something slightly different. hang out here and chat a while. wander around the boathouse – it gets more concrete for me every time i think about it. i wish it had a physical existence, particularly as i have furnished it very comfortably.

    *burps contentedly*

  9. Don’t touch Violet Socks! She is the most awsome blogger in the blogospere. Always her vituperations shimmer with the eloquence that bespeaks true understanding of self and reflects the hope that communication is sincere and unaffected by the fog of acceptance. I hate that she blew off Obama for the chance at Clinton, but there it is. She speaks about her perspective and whoah! to be a woman! Now.
    Whoah! to be a barrister in England. Simply, pride that I found you on the web(thank you Violet)
    As far as I am concerned, law, really came of age in England.
    America could only hope to be lawful because England set precident.
    Ok, parking in the street against local ordinance and not getting a current license plate sticker hound me like the bain of Baskerville, still I believe= and still I believe Simply can do something about diminished rape sentences due to alchohol consumption on the part of the victim.
    Whose common sense regards rape more appropriate?
    Fuck! Do I need to expiate?

  10. That helps. Thanks, guys.

    I love the perfectly-crafted boathouse nestled among the weeping willows and the soft afternoon light pooling on the old oak timbers that had been brought up on the canal that paralleled the abandoned railroad, and the sound of the ocean’s tireless water lapping against the heavy dock and the muted exuberance of another beer making my thoughts a little lighter and easier, and the silvery mists swirling out there at the edge of the quiet horizon, and if you looked carefully, openly, bravely, the stars in all their mystery just beginning to appear.

    Rereading Hemingway and Chandler in big chunks this summer, and loving, like a little boy with a big blue marble found in the woods by a silver stream, polysyndeton …

  11. and while you’re here can i apologise about that library issue. the easiest way to explain to contemporary americans is perhaps that somebody ‘mis-torched’.

    the great debate continues at violet’s and becomes ever more intriguing. i wonder whether the hillary backlash is going to be enough to stop obama. part of me hopes so, cos he does look awfully smug; part of me feels the last thing the world needs is another climate-change-denying republican administration (tho don’t suppose the dems are a whole load stronger on that). i’d like to see a black president (tho is obama any more than a sanitised version of a ‘black’ person acceptable to white prejudice?); i’d have liked to see a woman president (but we had thatcher and that was so wonderful for women and men alike); i’d really like violet to be happy in her country, but it looks a tough place for a thinking liberal to be happy.
    oh i don’t know. i just want a nice sunny day and a flat track to bat on. the league cricket season ends this week and we have missed three of our last four games. and nothing to look forward to but a damp start to next season and wondering where you left your sweater.

  12. what a wonder to have found your blog – i tend to disregard caps although that’s more down to laziness of the fingers but am fond of proper punctuation of an evening at times, apart from the occasional lapses with fullstops and exclamation marks. *waves hello*

  13. *waves back*

    thanks for coming. the great thing about having fewer regular visitors than toes is that we offer a personal service.

    how much to my taste is someone who likes punctuation and spurns upper case. if you enjoy burning the odd tory (and they all look odd to me) you may well be deified.

    check out the boathouse – nice books, great drinks and a couple of weird and rewarding people to meet.
    enjoy… cos we will.

  14. Oh to be a blastocyte once again. Floating floating blooop! oops now I’m what? Divided again and different. Bloop, bloop… I can’t get my bearings. Am I a man? Bloop, what’s this appendage this blob of a bloop. Bloop. I am a zygote, bloop, bloop, Oh to be a blastocyte again.

  15. hey fidel – the normalcy continues i see… here i am about to post on the impending departure of ruth kelly from the cabinet but won’t spoil the anticipation by revealing any more.

    mei del – see what i mean about weird people???

  16. ps are we not men? no, we are devo.

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