august – a moment

i had almost forgotten summer. the last of the broad beans were gathered this weekend and already they have been replaced with late potatoes. who knows if or when they will come up, but i shall enjoy the wait. i have remembered what it is to sit in the garden and stare at the vegetables in the vague belief it affects how they grow. the earwigs enjoy my company, though they do not say as much. i like the earwigs; they eat the bean leaves and leave the beans. they are good sharers.

so much has happened already this year and yet i have my boys’ birthdays to come and the start of a new year at college – a course so expensive it could be made from iridium personally crafted by bill gates. i am fortunate that a rich body has seen fit to assist me with a  rather large scholarship and yet more fortunate that in these credit crunch days i can thoughtlessly extend my borrowing from the bank secure in the knowledge that i have as yet no particular way of paying it back. still; you gotta gamble (or gambol…).

i walked to the stream with firstborn son today and we played pointlessly with some stones that blocked what flow there was. when he was done, the dam was broken and the stream streamed along no less happily than before. and he was as alive as only a five-year-old who has just mucked about in a small body of water can be. me too. two five-year-olds in a stream, one grey, watched by sheep who probably wondered why. i am not the only simple wonderer in the village.

past lughnasa and still the wheel turns and the year provides – beans … scholarships…  and i know gratitude, surprise and ignorance. and the greatest of these is ignorance. i found a bottle of wine last night from my parents’ stock and we drank it and thought of them drinking wine in that undiscovered country. it is a time of gifts. fidel – i wish i could write you a melody so plain that would hold you dear friend from going sane; ehj – i wish you all the joy of your new love and that she shares that space at the foot of the tree with bodhi. let’s meet for a drink in the boathouse soon.

time, it seems is still working, unlike me.


16 responses to “august – a moment

  1. What course?

  2. Simply! You breathe!
    Phew, life is good again…..

  3. fetlocks (not related to pony?), it’s a bar vocational course – a toss-up as to whether it is most remarkable for its pointlessness or cost according to the profession. but you have to do it to become a barrister, and that it seems is what i want to do this week.

    indeed sarah, i breathe… just about.

  4. Barrister? It seems such a waste. Aren’t there enough barristers? There are hardly enough good writers.

  5. It’s ok Fetlock, I’m still writing….

  6. there are, it seems, more than enough barristers; but after 20 years scraping by in the arts the kids have to eat. it may be that i can do something in law i am proud of too – i don’t think too many barristers have my background and worldview.
    i hope the world will survive without my writing, such as it is.
    nice of you to imply i’m good at it, though.

  7. You have a unique underhanded way (snick) of getting your point across. I just love it.

    Ok. Barrister away. I shall bookmark you for emergency, in the event I’m ever in a libel situation. Which, you know…

    Phew. Thanks be, Sarah.

  8. Ah. Kids who eat.

    And so I see my adoration will remain unrequited.

  9. hey fetlocks, if i say something else, will you compliment me again? this is good! i won’t look a gift horse in the mouth, though (did you see what i did there?).

    i say eat … n (5) has been learning healthy eating at school, which we have counter-acted by denying all sweets and treats so that he is totally obsessed by them (looking forward to developing him a drink problem next…); today he said he had a healthy lunch … a frube, a nut stuff bar, a petit filou and an apple. i asked him if he fancied anything that wasn’t basically sugar. he looked funny at me. again.

  10. lol

    I think I may emmigrate to England, and become bad, and require barristering ( ! ).

  11. and if bad barristering is required, i may be able to help… something of a niche market perhaps.

  12. … might be a good cartoon: ‘bad barrister – he loses’.

  13. Will we all get mate’s rates?

  14. hell, why not? ‘cheaper, simpler, loser’, will be my rallying cry.

  15. The Bar – an unfortunate profession of 1,500 with work for 1,000 done by 500 (some bloke in the 1920s) Just add a ‘0’ to each of these statistics…

  16. glad you dropped in, my long-eared chum. i started the bvc this week – weird weird weird… i really must write a post about the oddness of it all. i could never blog on law exclusively, but it may supplement my material. feels funny seeing some of my conversion course chums with pupillage (one at a set i really wanted and had a bizarre rejection from he day i ended a very good mini there!). hard not to feel a bit pissed off as i survey the 3 (yes count them, 3) whole london sets (i would happily practise elsewhere but moving the kids from school and nursery would be a big thing) participating in autumn olpas. bet they get a sackful of mail.

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