here’s fun

well lordy lawks and lummee (perhaps even luvaduck if they haven’t outlawed that yet…) the searches are fun today: may i credit a friend with ‘simplywondered is a rapist’ (just as well the police haven’t time to trawl blogs…) ‘simplywondered is a fucking retard’ (many of my other less pc friends agree) and ‘mangina’ (the new fruity drink for fans of weird japanese comic books) – and all this because some (ok more than some) of my humour is a little weak? next thing you know people will be posting troll comments at my favourite blogs posing as me, the devious wee tinkers that they are; how on earth does the mortal mind keep up with them? i only hope the awful truth remains hidden that simplywondered is big dave c’s personal fuckbunny – cos that would hurt. thank goodness posh boy george knows how to keep his mouth shut (if not his nasal passages). still – it’s nice to have the traffic.

‘spose the only thing i can do is change my way of thinking and stop blogging immediately. sigh…


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  1. …wait! What about that guest blogger you got comming over? YOu can’t stop now.

  2. Oooh I just realised I’ve got mail! Doh. So this is a multimedium exchange. Dnd pbp (or was it bpb?) sounds pretty slow? Is there anyone taking loads of time to pontificate, fill up the myles and generally slow the process down.

    Got to meet Dave C by the sound of it! I’m piqued.

  3. tart – dave will be running the country soon so you’ll probably get the chance – we notting hill crowd like to hang out over a bottle of inexpensive merlot in the portobello star, you know – but please keep it secret cos nobody knows about me and dave and if it got out, it would certainly damage my credibility.

    fidel – my offer of a guest spot has yet to be taken up but i would really relish it; i’m finding john very interesting and multi-layered having at first under-estimated him. hey it took me a while to work out what you were on about. if you didn’t do more writing on here than i do, i would have wanted to offer you a guest spot, but the term ‘guest’ seems insulting when you are effectively family (now that’s an honour you really don’t want…). if you and daisy ever start blogs there will be no material here at all.
    and where is the wonderful ehj2? – really miss him.

  4. I never told you how much I…I…. Its really excellent here and I… well I just want you to know, Simply, the thought of you giving up blogging really… It would just be a bad thing, and it would probably tick Violet off ’cause then I’d be over there all the time.

  5. All I know is that you will now be getting search stats for Dave C’s fuckbunny – get ready!

    As for the embroidery classes at Hampton court – (comment on previous topic’s thread, oh hahahh – thread get it?)

    I thought the sexual metaphor was rather good (for me anyway).

    sw – really ya think? I saw a little bit of a compliment hiding in there? Ah, praise indeedy but don’t stop blogging – hitting on others blogs is better for me – I hate the idea of committing to my own blog (phobic about that level of committment and dedication)- I did actually have a blog once – it was on a Wednesday……..

  6. So Infidel you’re the 6 guy or are you more of a 68 guy who takes theirs and owes you one?

    Hmmm, spkeaing of which I believe I have a debt to collect.

    Blog on

  7. I like my coffe white.

    I’ve been reading the earlier blogs and I must be getting the bug as I’m back here again.

    Just been learning about the song of songs. I have to say that I am not sure that I find the following erotic poetry…..
    “thy hair is like a flock of goats,…..Thy teeth are like a flock of shorn ewes….all of which bear twins and none of which miscarries”

    I have to say if I got that in a valentine card I would probably call the police!!

    Hmm must try it in the search engine and see if I get back here.

  8. Well that was amusing if you ingnore the serious bits. Got onto this site….

    Just had to try a xanga fibremom site. Sounds mum better than supermom!

    Xanga mom tunuh!

  9. Actually the xanga mom was pretty dull

  10. SW, can you send me an email? I can’t find your email addy.


  11. “So Infidel you’re the 6 guy or are you more of a 68 guy who takes theirs and owes you one?”

    I was the 666th poster here.

    “Hmmm, spkeaing of which I believe I have a debt to collect.”

    How much do I owe you, Bud? I get lazy with citations, have I cut and pasted you without giving you credit? I am sorry.

    “Blog on”

    Thank you

  12. Bud,
    My preference is to be doin “11”, where your on each others feet.

  13. Regina Phalangee

    6993 girl myself.

  14. 36 looks like teabagging boobs, what is 6993?

  15. ’36 looks like teabagging boobs’

    i’m sorry????????????????????

  16. The three might be thought to be two pendulous orbs of satin smooth flesh, the circle of the six might be thought of as an iconic representation of the scrotum, and naturally the staff of the six would be, well, um, the staff of the six. I’m just trying to make heads and tails of 6993. I think we are all familiar with what “69” kind of looks like.

  17. note to self: do not (NOT NOT NOT) ask fidel questions.

    “I’m just trying to make heads and tails of 6993” – fnarr fnarr…

  18. Regina – aye 6993 it is…

  19. Regina Phalangee

    I started out with the boringly predictable digits “69” then added another 9 (trying to visualise the male/female permutations of this numerical symblolic formula) then just added the 3 for the hell of it – I just made it up! Big haha lol! – I think thought it may have been a mistake I can see as it has probably conjured up all sorts of mental images I don’t want to think about – teabagging boobs? So that’s what it is when I…………

  20. and 69 used to be so “teehee behind your hand” kind of sooo naughty – we are now in the new enlightened age of 6993!

  21. 65


  22. Dagwood creeping around the border of the window:



  23. oops


  24. Infidel – what?

  25. ,,,,,,,

    don’t the commas kinda look like hair, the six look like a right eye with eyebrow, the five look like a left eye and nose in 1/4 profile, the seven look like a closed lipped frown of a chinless dork, and the three like a couple of knuckles in a vertical “Kilroy Was Here” configuration?

  26. ,,,,,,,

    don’t the commas kinda look like hair, the six look like a right eye with eyebrow, the five look like a left eye and nose in 1/4 profile, the seven look like a closed lipped frown of a chinless dork, and the three like a couple of knuckles in a verical “Kilroy Was Here” configuration?

  27. ,,,,,,,


    don’t the commas kinda look like hair, the six look like a right eye with eyebrow, the five look like a left eye and nose in 1/4 profile, the seven look like a closed lipped frown of a chinless dork, and the three like a couple of knuckles in a vertical “Kilroy Was Here” configuration?

  28. ,,,,,,
    | |
    d 00b
    ( 4)

  29. daisy: you remember the bit about not (NOT NOT NOT) asking infidel questions?

  30. Check it out.

    d oob
    ( c)

  31. ooops

    | ,,,,,,,
    | d oob
    | ( c)
    | “”

  32. I have checked it out, upside down, sideways, leftways, rightways – give up – is this you getting me back for the 6993 thing? Will you be happy if I tell you I now have to go see the osteopath due to a strained neck?

  33. You’re Regina Phalangee?! Any who maybe its your font but when their lined up right “Dagwood” consists of commas for hair, six for a right eye, five for the left brow and nose in a quarter turn profile, seven makes for a tight lipped frown and chinless neck, while the three is a vertical “Kilroy Was Here” knuckle over a wall- or rather around the wall in this case.

  34. Daisy Phalangee

    yeah, if I squint hard and take some LSD??

  35. Daisy Phalangee

    Yeah, my twin sister Regina pops over now and again – she has no job since “Friends” ended – she gets very bored.

  36. If I had to decide how to attach sinews, tendons, muscles and such to the myriad phalangees, metacarpals, and carpals to get hands to work the way they do, I’d be daffed.

  37. Even if your talking about feet phalangees, with their metatarsals, and tarsals, even though they don’t grasp and can’t normally play piano, still they must be so constructed as to allow the weight of the body to sway and fidget while toes curl to compensate and subtle tightenings of bones bring anchor and base to a balanced upright body. Be kind to your feet, give them a nice hot bubbly soak tonight.

  38. Regina Metatarsaphalangee

    Yes and to think, chimpanzees can use their feet and hands interchangeably – the have the quadruple dexterity, but humans evolved with the brain and so sacrificed this dexterity (some would argue with the brain bit).

    So, did feet start out as hands along the pre-chimp evolutionary timescale – or, did hands start out as feet? I can’t imagine a creature with 4 hands, so must have been feet.

    Feet and hands with all their amazing tarsals and carpals and phalangees – true “feats” hahahahah of physical engineering by god or goddess or whoever the hell it was who invented all this

    This is too deep for me – so many questions, so many empty silences for answers – could stephen hawking help here? He knows everything about the universe does he not?

  39. Regina Phalangee

    Comments noted at Sparkeles about policing this “nonsensical” site – appreciate teh silliness for it’s own sake for crying out loud – and besides, there is a bit of continutity and sense to the stuff on here -isn’t there enought seriousness around already?

    The “nonsense” provided some light relief to the heavy-going of misogyny and if it was too funny for some, that’s too bad.

    Fun while it lasted – sheesh.

  40. don’t worry too much daisy/regina, the radfem blog police seem to work with a very light touch. if your online avatar is a dinosaur that keeps crushing action men it’s a fair guess you have a sense of humour (not to mention an appreciation of nonsense).

  41. Regina Phalangee

    Thanks sw but I really do wonder sometimes if it’s irony or what? (I did write all that whinging at about 3am so my irony sensor was turned way down?) I really must calm myself down.

  42. Regina Phalangee

    A big “ooopss” sw – did not see avatar and now see in the cold light of day what was going on – I am officially mad now- someone please come round with the special jacket and take me away. I hope I did not upset you or the dino.

  43. you never upset me, daisyphlange – i can’t speak for the dinos; they are a bit old-fashioned about things sometimes…
    did you not realise this is the place people find when they are fully mad?

  44. OOOT OOOOT GLRPH dribble durrr

  45. sw – I do know really – no the dinos are not old fashioned – just tonge-in-cheek and I don’t spot it obvioulsy – eating humble pie at the moment. Doh!

  46. you eat what you like, daisy; not doing the blame thing here. i hope it’s a place where we can self-censor as little as possible – or as much as we like.

  47. I hope it remains a place like what ehj talked about.
    Simply were you thinking “West Side Story” at all or just a place for us? because:
    1. The whole Tony/Maria thing doesn’t fit you.
    2. You never mentioned the musical or referenced it or anything.
    3.I feel kinda like I’m in a place for us when I’m here, even though I don’t understand stuff like
    “if your online avatar is a dinosaur that keeps crushing action men it’s a fair guess you have a sense of humour” and “Comments noted at Sparkeles about policing this ‘nonsensical’ site – appreciate teh silliness for it’s own sake for crying out loud” and “Dnd pbp (or was it bpb?) sounds pretty slow?” but I don’t have to know everydangthing, I’m not Steven Hawkings.

  48. i imagine it will be what it wishes – i don’t want to appear too pseudo-zen and wanky about it all (‘too late’ some say) – but i’d like it to be the way ehj (why did he leave us – is it something i said?) said.
    i wasn’t really thinking at all – it never helps, i reckon. not wild on the musical. i never thought about my handle, but i’m really happy to be simply wondered – because i do. and i like the name of this place; i started it in reflective mood, but i’d really like a place for us – whatevere that is, and i think it’s becoming that. ‘us’ more than ‘me’, because it’s made by the contributors rather than my posts (in spite of?). i’m delighted you feel like it is a place for us and while it sounds all creepy and insincere, it would be less (much much less) without you and daisy – as well as other less frequent visitors. it’s the creation of ‘us’ not ‘me’.

    the dinosaur reference is a visual-humour radfem blog with dinosaurs and amusing captions called ‘they thought we were extinct’; i got some comments at the excellent sparkle matrix blog from them about the amount of pro-feminist stuff on my blog – all very light-hearted (if heavy-clawed) and daisy was defending the silliness here.

    dnd is dungeons and dragons (which i play) pbp means play by post (on a site not by mail!) which is a way you can play the game but of course it goes much slower than face to face or ‘pen and paper’ as people seem to refer to it.
    so now you know everything and are still not stevo.

  49. SW – I just like the story-writing the randomness of what comes up- from your topics, whatever we pick out of the air and follows from that – that’s what makes it fun – from my perspective, it gives me counter balance to the heavy shit I think about a lot and write about on other blogs – I’m probablythe only one who sits and laughs at the crap I write, maybe infidel too, but it’s all just free-flowing, the continuity does not synch sometimes but who cares – it’s a chance to just be silly about life, and not have it all be about porn, funny or not!

    I’ll pick up the story again soon though – Rena is way behind on her cornflakes job – she may be sacked soon!

  50. Cornflakes, corncrakes, and chicken in a bread pan pick’n out dough. Twang diddle diddle doodle diddle twang diddle dooo

  51. Don’t forget the rhubarb!

  52. ‘I’m probably the only one who sits and laughs at the crap I write’ – nope!

  53. Ok – I will soldier on when I get my “flow” back …. been a bit distracted the last few days…. I need to rescue Rena from Joergen soon before infidel has them snogging behind the bakery counter.

  54. The international development secretary, Hilary Benn, will today reinforce Britain’s opposition to the phrase “war on terror”, using a speech in New York to warn that it can actually strengthen insurgent groups.
    He should have used the phrase “embolden terrorists” it would have cut Cheney more deeply.
    If Dylan sounds like a corncrake, what bird would you associate with Jon Anderson?, Neil Young?, TOM WAITES??

  55. I don’t associate Jon Anderson with birds – I’m sticking to my cereal metaphors – he is more of a Shredded Wheat kind of guy. Neil Young is more of a tortured cat wailing at a funeral.

    war on terror – getting stuck in the old “let’s re-phrase it so as not to upset the terrorists in case they terrorise us some more” – hmmmm what does that remind me of?

    How is it that George W has managed to get both the terrorists and the people in the west to hate him at the same time? So many questions.

    Can’t remember what tom waites sounds like so cannot designate a cereal, animal, or bird comparison for him.

  56. Jane Dough (or Doh!)

    For avid Bird freaks – but you probably know this anyway if you are that fanatical – does not seem to have an example of it’s screech but I’m sure I could find one if I googled long enough.

  57. Jane Dough (or Doh!)

    Oh- yes it does have sound-effects – they don’t call me “Doh” for nothing. Didn’t scroll down far enough – enjoy (annoying others by playing it repeatedly).

  58. Tom Waites = crunchy granola, really crunchy granola, no milk, bourbon.

  59. ….and 30 a day ?

  60. Thirty corncrakes and a bundle of rhubarb, bring to a high rolling boil, filter and serve chilled with a sprig of mint on a hot sunny day in Sherwood.

  61. Oh, gee, see what you mean about the comments, buddy. It’s all a spaghetti kinda mess over here innit (hard to see where things start – where things end)? Take a bite and you don’t know who you’ll end up kissing.

  62. and therein lies the fun!

    as long as you like pasta.
    i don’t think any of it really does start or end – if you find an end, let me know and we can both pull it to see what happens.
    lovely to have you here, though! join the carnival of fools and enjoy.

  63. Regina Phalangee

    The secret is to try to add to the mess – that’s the fun of it – plus getting spag bol sauce all over your face as you try to suck in the long strands.

  64. I love the way it whips back and forth when the last few centimeters wiggle their way in. Sometimes when you catch a spinning penny just right, you can push it down and the spin speeds up the closer to flat you get. I like that.

  65. Regina Phalangee

    I ate spaghetti all day yesterday in an attempt to perfect the pasta wiggling technique. *burp*
    Today, I will try the spinning penny – is that an american penny or a british one? Maybe I will start with the beginner’s coin which is a 50p one.

  66. Regina Phalangee

    When I was a kid, one of my sisters said to my mum, when she saw the spaghetti for dinner, “we’re having worms for dinner?” – I could not eat it again for years (I started again yesterday- however, the wiggling action did remind me of the worm comment – eewwww.)

    Maybe that’s why they invented spaghetti-o’s.

  67. ‘Maybe that’s why they invented spaghetti-o’s.’

    So you’ve not heard of the midgard serpent, then?

  68. Regina Phalangee

    sw – dare I say no?

  69. Regina Phalangee

    and no, I didn’t really wait that long to eat spaghetti just to try out the wiggling exercise – besides, I always cut mine up into little bits so as my helper can spoon-feed me more easily.

  70. ‘sw – dare I say no?’

    well don’t worry; it’s not the end of the world.

    but it is connected!

    i bet a quick google will yield much of interest (i assume you’ll be interested, you generally are) on the subject.

  71. Regina Phalangee

    sw -silly me – of course – I google everything else – brb.

  72. Regina Phalangee

    A quick google and clicking on 4 results tells me that this serpent was a nasty piece of work and even encircled the world – his tail was in his mouth as a result but I could not find any references to wiggling.

    I did however find a reference to a mythical marvel chinese creature called Fin Fang Foom! Love the name, got lost trying to understand the chinese explanation for this character but the translation of the name was nearly a chapter in itself – Fin Fang Foom – excellent.

  73. Regina Phalangee

    Here we go – in case anyone is remotely interested:

    “Although once believed to be a native of the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon in China, Fin Fang Foom – which means “He Whose Limbs Shatter Mountains and Whose Back Scrapes the Sun” – is an alien being from the world of Kakaranathara (also known as Maklu IV) in the Maklu system of the Greater Magellanic Cloud. Foom and several other members of his race originally depart their peaceful homeworld with the intention of conquering other planets. The alien dragons land on Earth in ancient China, and the crew used their natural shape-shifting powers to mimic human form, intent on entering and studying human society before beginning their conquest. Foom was the exception, and acting as reserve is placed in a tomb and given a herb that places him in a catatonic state. ”

    what is the herb I wonder? I want some. I want to be able to shape-shift too.

    My Chinese astro sign is a dragon – I wonder if I’m related?

  74. i never consider the midgard serpent to be nasty – it’s just there, an elemental myth; much like spaghetti hoops, and if spag in long form is worms, then presumably the midgard serpent must be the hoopy version.

    LOVE fin fang foom the shape-shifting dragon; shame he and his chums all left on halle bop!

  75. Regina Phalangee

    Apparently, Thor fought the serpent, and killed it but Thor died after nine days because he had been exposed to the serpent’s potent toxins.

    I think you should market a new brand of spaghetti-o’s, the hoops being in the shape of a serpent with it’s own tail in it’s mouth – could call it something chinesey which translated would mean “pasta in the shape of round worms/snakes in a horrible thick red tomato-ey sauce which is bad for kids”.

    Any suggs?

  76. ‘you’re thor?! i’m tho thor i can’t pith’
    i’m here all week.

  77. Regina Phalangee

    Thorry about your theriouth thounding urinary ditheathe – have you theen a thpethialitht?

    Yeah, I dunno who thor was, I just googled it and it came up with that – sounded good at the time?

  78. thpaggetti thounds tho good, I gotta have parmethon cheethe with mine and garlic bread. Tho thorry ’bout your bout, thimply, hope you feel better thoon. May have thumpthin to do with being…” dave c’s personal fuckbunny” Dave Theeths perthonal…

  79. ‘parmethon cheethe’ – that’s a hard greek cheese, right?

    dave c – or as i call him, thumper… just don’t ask

    you should call us rumplestiltskin – we’re collectively spinning shit into gold here. more random concepts improbably linked coming soon… it is, of course, caviar to the general – a phrase my dad was fond of; other phrases he liked were ‘packed to the gunwales’ (nope! i don’t think he’d sailed on anything bar a cross channel ferry – and i imagine bar was a fairly large part of the crossing, too) and ‘for gawd’s sake we must get on’, as he sidetracked one of his own history lessons to the delight of the class once again. one of mine is ‘swifter than arrow from the tartar’s bow’ – well, yes, it’s a quote rather than a saying; and from the same play ‘out, tawny tartar, out!’. make what you will of that lot.

  80. no tartars were harmed in the writing of this post

  81. Regina Phalangee

    my mum – “can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”

    Also, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”

    Neil Armstrong (or one of those other two – it’s all a blur) “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” (the guy who invented moonwalking you know).

    A friend – “creaky chairs last the longest”

    Sister – “people in glass houses should not throw stones or grenades for that matter”

    I’m sure there are many more but that’s all I could think off top of my head –

    Oh yes – my own favourite “never shit in your own back yard”

    I’m sorry, are we still on the lispy thing?

  82. Regina Phalangee

    Oh, also, mum was very fond of sticking homespun sayings and inspirationsal newspaper articles on the fridge door – she had a multitude of fridge magnets she was also fond of reciting that prayer by francis of assisi – you know, the one alcoholic anonymites use – Lord help me to accept the things I cannot change, change the things I cannot accept, accept spare change, and the wisdom to know the difference – that one- did I get that correct?

    Also – (always in a very serious and profound tone)- “today is the first day of the rest of your life”

    I love randomness!

  83. The St.Francis thingie truly is wisdom though ain’t it?
    Is “out tawny tartar..” like the Bards’ “Out Damn Spot!” thingie?
    My dad would go around blurting ….”WHEN THE FORTS OF FOLLY FALL, FIND THY BODY BY THE WALL” loud as hell so all eight of us kids could shudder alike. He’d blow a bugle to call us in from the neighborhood for dinner. Ahhh Dad, the smell of cigars, the raspy scrape of his chin kiss, Dad.

  84. the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
    the strength to change the things I can
    and the wisdom to know the difference

    I’m sorry, I love that! Regina you gotta like that ay?

  85. both the tawny tartar and the tartar’s bow are from midsummer night’s dream – a play in which imagery of the bow and arrow reverberates endlessly, as well it might, being tools of the trade of cupid, on whom so much of the trouble is blamed. until you look for it, you have no idea quite how much these and related images permeate the play along with its surprisingly violent language between lovers and friends. good writer – will go far.

  86. tho much is given, much abides- there is alot to be said for being prolific, Dickens, Stephen King, the best of writers, the worst of writers, like two spent swimmers that cling together and choke their art.

  87. Regina Phalangee

    I like Stephen King!!

    Yeah, the St Francis thing – I do like it – I just couldn’t remember how it went.

    I don’t think I ever had a kiss from my dad.

    As for the slings and arrows of love and friendship (plus the target for practice for shooting said arrows) …. I am full of holes at the moment. Nuff said.

  88. “…I all alone beweep my outcast state, and trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries…”

  89. hey RP, please consider yourself kissed – well, virtually.

    fidel –
    Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising
    Haply I think on thee and then my state
    Like to the lark at break of day arising
    From sullen earth sings hymns at heaven’s gate:
    For thy sweet love remember’d such wealth brings
    That then I scorn to change my state with kings.

    Boy sure could write!

  90. that, for you both

  91. Regina Phalangee

    Thanks sw – that’s very sweet – I am having a bit of a low time which I try to dissipate with sarcastic humour (you’d never know would ya?) getting better – I wish I had an apt quote from some poet like shelley or something from shakespeare but alas, my knowledge is sadly lacking – I do remember having to memorise Portia’s speech in schhool about the quality of mercy,from the Merchant of Venice, for which I got the best mark, but I can’t remember it of course – I did not appreciate that sort of thing in school, but the “shakespeare for dummies” stuff I have read since, I know he was a genius.

    Ok, time to generate something random again. I need to post a link.

  92. “…scorn to change my state with kings.” ? I don’t think so, hadn’t Bill heard of Damocles? Looking into that I found this…
    Pretty cool really, ” like to a lark at break of day arising”… just love the way it rolls metaphor to metaphor- what a writer! I wish Daisy Regina, if you could, bring some more food to “I wish I said that” since Simply Wondered simply won’t post nothing John Smith would be drawn into, and I’m starved.

  93. Regina Doh Phalangee

    Infidel – do you think I will be quoted in future as much as the bard with the “Wish I’d said that” epic? Ah hell, I’m not in this for the fame, only respect, you know, like politicians. I forgot about that thread – were you getting the shakes from the frustration of having tons of incomprehenible storylines in the works and nowhere to put them? (It’s ok, mine are pretty incomprehensible too – jesus, I hate making so much sense).

    Oh I am also Jane Doh – I have been ducking and diving with my ID’s due to impersonators blacking the good name of Daisy Puke – after all, some authors have more than one pseudonym.

    I do remember a cashier choking, Jorgen giving mouth to mouth, Rena asking for Columbo’s autograph, or them both asking for each other’s autographs – will have to pick up the flow again – I lost it for a bit as bastards who play people tend to suck energy by instilling lots of rage – normal service will resume – I say “normal” – normal for us.

  94. Hah! I just had a thought, it may force the new thread issue with Simply, if we hijack this thread by moving the narrative here.

  95. ooo! ooo! …and it could have a sort of Shakespearian flavour. Columbo could say like, “forsooth lady of cockney leanings, twould but see the likes, I have, but once gleaning the passages of my storied vestigations.”…gleeful metaphors of sturgeon and rhubarb! Then we wouldn’t have to scroll so far when we got here.

  96. ‘From sullen earth sings hymns at heaven’s gate’

    well i was about to come up with a new post idea involving food in some way, but you seem to be evolving strategies to cope with my extreme laziness and – first things first – i am preparing a may day post which even i would want to post today rather than later. so riff away my friends, but just think of that image of rising from the sullen earth of our mundane concerns to sing hymns at heaven’s gate – he wrote the words to mozart before mozart wrote the music. wouldn’t you have loved to see those two meet – and columbo, of course, with big dave c outside, banging at the door begging to be let in, assuming he cares who they are.

  97. More of that, in the Steve Allen vein “Meeting of Minds” was it? Steven Hawkings blows Newton away, or Jesus has a conversation with the Pope, but really, or Ceasar,GhingisKhan, and George Bush(KarlRove) get together and shoot the breeze, Winston Churchill and Johann Sebastian Wellington, George Washington and Moses, EdithPiaf and Janis Joplin yuck it up with Gregor(of Gregorian Chant fame), Arnold Schwartz… and SylvesterStallone swap testosterone stories…and on and on.

  98. Meeting of minds

    Bill Clinton and Bill Wyman (you know, the one who claims to have slept with thousands of women and had the 13 year old g/f for awhile )

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