here’s a howdydo

well well well.

while there has been a thinner crop of odd searches – perves on holiday somewhere away from their computers, perhaps, while the industrial cleaners try gamely to ungum their gooey keyboards – i had one that was as baffling as usual, to wit:

mint julip cups first communion

and i really couldn’t think how that search might lead a loon to our own little house on the prairie; so the detective in me reasoned: if they typed that in and got here, then so can i.

so i did. and i didn’t. (‘type it in’ and ‘get here’ respectively).

it had some reasonably interesting hits including (perhaps predictably) one to a site imaginatively titled ‘haves*xanywhere’ (not sure if substituting a character does anything but i’ve seen clever people do it, so sure there must be a point) and text on another quoted as: ‘The many Orifices of these Vessels are called Cups, the menstruous blood runs with a spoonful or two of Cinnamon water, make a Julip to drink at thrice. …’ (now that sounds a good read if a tad too virginia-woolf-meets-aleister-crowley for my liking)

so no idea what all that’s about.

as usual.


16 responses to “here’s a howdydo

  1. There is a hit now, perhaps it is a case of fulfilling your own prophesy. If you post that googling “aardvark travails” will get you a SimplyWondered Place for us hit then it will. Go ahead…Aardvark Travails. See, I told you.

  2. WIERD.
    I just googled “aardvark travails simply wondered a place for us” and still didn’t get a hit to this site.

  3. Whoa! this is too, too, way too weird.

  4. In fact you would need “sturgeon monkees isinglass” to hit a place for us, “sturgeon sigourney weaver” doesn’t cut it.

  5. hello :@

  6. hello…llo…lo…o


  7. what?…wha…wh…w


  8. That recipe? Stay away from the kitchen.

  9. I just get the feeling, Simply, that you are more interested in the people who accidentally happen upon your site then the truly dedicated ones who come here on purpose to post.

  10. fidel, i can honestly say i love you all. and anyway do you really think anything happens at random, particularly on this carefully crafted site?
    don’t believe me?
    right; just watch! (and i use exclamation marks sparingly)

  11. I submit.

  12. to misquote spike milligan in puckoon:
    not til i’ve finished lambasting you, you don’t.

  13. If I searched “Big hot sweaty love” or “mint julips between glowing thighs” …
    How do you, Simply, know how one arrives at your blog? Is that a feature? I of course don’t have the courage to run my own blog, but I might delve into it someday. If I do, will all hits show the origin and in the case of random searches show the search criteria? Or are you just the infotech savy type and have written a little java script that transmutes the internet protocol identification parameters and projects search origin and criteria? Can you make Hal feel it Dave? Daisy, Daisee, giiivvv meee yyyyourrr annnnnssssssweeerrrr dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  14. yes well fidel (adopts patronising tone) when one has such a vast array of technical knowledge about blogs and errrr stuff and things, you just know who has been visiting and how they got here. or perhaps wordpress gives you the searches used to find your site.
    the only java i need is in my cup of a morning at the coffee plant on portobello road.

    to answer your real question: you get from wordpress a list of (presumably random) searches and, when people leave comments, isps and stuff (which actually surprised me).
    the bit about transmuting things would actually make more sense to me if it was an excerpt form a C16th alchemy textbook…

    It’s (alchemy) still able to perform its magical tricks, but it has no claim on a metaphysic with any meaning because the program of rational understanding that was pursued by science has pushed so deeply into the phenomenon of nature that the internal contradictions of the method are now exposed for all to see. In discussing alchemy especially we will meet with the concept of the coincidencia apositorum-the union of opposites. This is an idea that is completely alien to science. It’s the idea that nothing can be understood unless it is simultaneously viewed as both being what it is and what it is not and in alchemical symbolism we will meet again and again symbolical expression of the coincidencia apositorum.
    Like dark suckers/light bulbs.

  16. Black coffee is so dense that it is resistant to exposure to any dark sucker, even the biggest one in the solar system. No one, not even Stephen Hawking, is sure why this is.

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