i’m sorry???

just a quickie as i know you are all as bored with my weird search terms as some people watching football, but these are truly surreal:

josss stone tell me bout it record label

and then there’s

woolley ave poynton

and i really couldn’t tell you where either of these have come from…it’s not like they are looking for porn (where have you gone, boys?)

nor do i have anything sensible or amusing (nothing new there) to say about either of them. (feel free to make something up and post it for me).


8 responses to “i’m sorry???

  1. Dear Doctor Wondered,

    You may be surprised to learn that a quarter-acre (sorry, couldn’t get more for something this unlikely to turn up anything actually useful) of high speed computers (under a nice little iron-ore mountain that UNCLE* has squirreled into and under quite deeply) couldn’t come with anything either after 32 minutes of dedicated open-ended search.

    While we’ve learned a great deal about these two character strings this morning, and how frequently they come up in three of the world’s 2,476 languages (most of which are spoken by fewer than 200 people), these strings simply have no significant context here.

    Again we ask, (well, actually, my boss Mr. Waverly would like to know). Are they coded chess moves? (And can he play?)

    Rook to Queen’s Knight 5.


    * UNCLE — United Network Command for Law and Enforcement.

  2. Off to google the wooley ave poynten doo-dah

  3. No its that other guy with the acidic germicidal agent patent pending who lives at 40 Woolly Avenue Poyton, some guy named Peale or something, maybe an Emma offspring.

  4. his friends call him mark the spark

  5. dave the acidic germicidal inventor to his mates. they couldn’t think of anything that rhymed…

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