searchin’; lookin’ for love

i am roused from my blog silence by the glorious randomness of web searches – it really is the infinite numbers of monkeys striving to produce the works of shakespeare (i mean – why? he’s already written them, you know… just buy a copy; they’re cheap and easily available. and what about the size of the building you need to house an infinite number of monkeys even if you could breed the buggers; you can’t do it in london at the prices) ahem.

oh yes the searches continue and in almost unfeasibly disconnected bunches. today’s were: from a search engine called seznam (it’s czech you know – my appeal is global) the uplifting ‘yong(sic) perves com‘ – which, from the results it listed, spectacularly failed to come up with a single porn reference (must reserve that domain name quick before it goes) – how hard can it be for the infinite priapic monkeys, one paw on their woody, the other flailing randomly at the hypothetical keyboard, to find pervy porn? real tough in the czech republic, it seems. i was only the fourth listed, though, so perhaps i need to get onto a few more metamonkeystiffy web crawlers hot naked xxx monkey girlzzz liking bananas not sure how i’ll manage that…

anyway, the next was the explicable (but only if you read even the very boring bits in the comments here) ‘marden estate pictures of‘ – no i won’t; go and read the very boring bits in the comments like the other person presumably did; it didn’t kill them did it? could you get that in your wordpress options…details of how many people actually die of boredom and leave their mortal remains in your old threads? probably one of the bits they try and charge for.

this thrilling triumvirate was completed by the academic “catherine paddock” (in double quotes – someone making absolutely certain not to go to the wrong place with this one – and yet they came here, where i can find no connection to ms paddock that even the most unlucky non-existent spunkmonkey, maddened by trying to finish Act IV of Troilus and Cressida just to prove a theoretical point – all the argument’s a whore and a banana…- could mistake for a reason to end up here; and yet one did. it’s like evolution – try enough wacky creatures and one day you will end up with a high church tory (intelligent design??????? oh come on). she is a medical writer, collaborates with one geetu barwhaney and may or may not be found at 40 Woolley Avenue, Poynton, Cheshire SK12 1XU – there’s a project (ooh my font has changed size and there’s nothing i can do to change it back – that’s proof i have stumbled on some greater truth and ‘they’ are determined to stop my words getting through) pop round one afternoon with a packet of choccy digestives and see what she’s up to – if there is a god of irony, she’ll be putting the final touches to her paper on the link between sweetmeal biscuits and galloping knobrot in certain breeds of monkey – ‘hello, you don’t know me, but…’

and I’m surprised my page views are back down below 20?

no not really – ooh look it’s that white stuff that falls out of the sky every winter! it’s back again, what can it be? quick let’s shut society for a few days just in case… it’s just nice that, in this cynical age, we can still be surprised by the obvious.


14 responses to “searchin’; lookin’ for love

  1. I’m reading you at Sparkle’s and now here. Rock on kiddo.

  2. “I’m reading you at Sparkle’s and now here”

    I have a lurker? :-O

  3. ‘I have a lurker? :-O’

    but i have a new poster! thanks for your comment theriver (can i call you ‘the’?) and welcome to the somewhat quiet world of ‘there’s a place for us’. come back soon – i need the company…

  4. White stuff. That’d be the same white stuff that DOESN’T stop life in other countires then? A couple of flakes here and schools are shut, no-one can get to work…..

    Must all be run by British Rail….

  5. they’re better off sledging than allegedly learning stuff, anyway

  6. Ah the beauty of home ed, we’re doing a snow project…..

  7. n poked the last few remaining bits on the way to ‘school’ with his umbrella. i think he learned something.

  8. This whole post made me laugh.

  9. a whore and a banana

    Where am I?

  10. here, virtually…
    anything else we can help you with?

  11. hey, witch – you know i live only for your approbation.

  12. You’re joking right?

  13. excuse me??? there’s half a page of crap on the blogpage and a dozen comments various and you come along with yer fancy attitude and ask if i’m joking – be more specific – i mean some of it is a joke (eg i have yet to identify any monkeys round here trying to write act IV of troilus and cressida – or any other play by shakespeare, before you ask). other bits are not a joke (or not intentionally) (eg n did poke some snow at the point i stated, i do apparently make witchy laugh). could you help me with a tad more precision here and i could perhaps help you with the information you desire. (good name for a bob dylan album)

  14. simplyworried – let me apologise for any confusion and rephrase my comment above: hello and welcome to ‘there’s a place for us’; i hope you’ll be very happy here – we try to do pretty much what it says on the label.
    as you appear to be of an enquiring disposition, may i explain there is no literal label.
    and i suppose technically speaking this isn’t a real place. there is however a us and now you are part of it.

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