brief respite from attack of the killer perves – the book thing

okay i haven’t done my bloody homework and it is 10 minutes before french class and i’m in the crap so i’ll be quick.

someone – well actually three someones were inspired/bored/drunk enough to give me this random book assignment so like an obedient servant of the reich i will carry it out and get a bit of peace from my built-in autonag programme.

so… get a book… bloody hell the place is full of them. okay get up from computer and shuffle like an aged turtle across to the bookcase and grab one at random… turn to page 123…good job i wasn’t in n’s room as none of his have 123 pages and i couldn’t draw any of the pictures… find the 5th sentence and copy out the next three… so do i start with the 5th …or was it the 3rd and copy the next five?… or the 6th ah bollox, i’ll take the shortest and claim brevity is the soul of wit… so here goes

By the time of his death he was largely forgotten. (para)

I had asumed when the critics dismissed my work, the same thing would happen to me, that the public would forget about me. How mad is that? and the next sentence cos i like it…Eventually I would have to face the music – go back to performing – the long-awaited bally-hooed reunion tour – gypsy tours – changing ideologies like tires, like shoes, like guitar strings.

Identify author and book: Bob Dylan ‘Chronicles Volume One’ – and was that prophetic or ironic?

Now tag three more people (god there’s a way to keep the world busy if, like me, they are stupid enough to do it) …ok I tag Paul Tergeist just because it will annoy the bollocks off him, renegade evolution because she’s bound to tell me to sod off and has anyone done sparkle? err how do they work out they’ve been done? i’ll go and tell them…sigh…do it manually, boy! wonder if i can get a prize for the oddest set of taggees…?


29 responses to “brief respite from attack of the killer perves – the book thing

  1. “oddest set of taggees…?”
    Wha’? and I have already been ‘done’ but I will ‘do’ again just to prove that I am ‘odd’
    And now my eyes are hurting from all the ””’

  2. He he he
    I needed that line – I was just feeling down. Good advice – even though to see bob dylan live – I must admit I needed a few drinks. His voice is sooooo monotone. 😦

  3. Wha’? and I have already been ‘done’ but I will ‘do’ again just to prove that I am ‘odd’
    -Ms Sparkle

    Madame, do not think for a second that you can use THIS forum to dun us with stories of your sex life back in the day! I am sure you were quite an item before you escaped under a wheelbarrow; a latter day Alice innit?

  4. What does it mean “tag”? Count me out!!!! Oh, wait….is there any pay? I might consider it.

  5. hands up those surprised by tergit’s reaction?
    and indeed by the graciousness of mme sparkle.

  6. oh come now sparkly one…

  7. WHAAAAAT?!?!?!?

    Lookit, go to and scroll down to ‘Musings go a wandering’. Is that Ms. Sparkle hiding under there or not?

  8. whether my sparkling chum does or doesn’t choose to squat under wheelbarrows in her jammies bears little relevance to the point that i was making, which will be explained once more for the slow child at the back of the class: her reaction to being tagged with a pointless task she had already performed once was gracious and accomodating; yours, Paul, was that of a curmudgeonly old git (takes one to know one). i take it you are in charge of your own marketing drive to appear as offensive a miserable bugger as anyone has ever set eyes upon.
    sorry if i was unclear and hope this sorts that particular issue…wish ehj2 were here…

  9. I’ll change the subject while no one is looking.

  10. paul – nobody is going to be looking; it’s my blog…not a public forum

  11. His voice is sooooo monotone.

    Oh, AradhanaD, you are just too young to appreciate The Bob. I grew up listening to him and he can hit at LEAST five notes.

  12. i take it you are in charge of your own marketing drive to appear as offensive a miserable bugger as anyone has ever set eyes upon.

    Actually, no. I derive a lot of inspiration from my pal Ms. Sparkle, whom I do NOT think was insulted by my horseplay. Er….what was your point again? I didn’t quite understand….

  13. my point, paul, was that you are a curmudgeonly old sausage – but as i said, it takes one to know one.
    i too don’t think the delightful sparkler was offended by you – i imagine one would not have to guess as to whether one had offended her. nor do you offend me. people rarely do. (oh god he’ll take that as a bloody challenge now)

  14. vi – don’t be so ageist, there are loads of people who aren’t young at all, who fail to grasp the divine nature of his bobness’s talent.
    and he can indeed hit at least five notes – some of which might occasionally be the ‘right’ ones.
    he is the bob. there is no more.

  15. No offence taken *flounce*

  16. The woman under the wheelbarrow is not sparks – I wouldn’t dreeeeem of wearing such loud jarmies.

  17. “my point, paul, was that you are a curmudgeonly old sausage…”

    That’s what you said the first time. I was hoping for something a bit better and that it had been lost in translation.

  18. all come here hoping for something better, all leave disappointed – but some learn from it.

    nice link above btw

  19. all come here hoping for something better, all leave disappointed..

    I’m not asking for more than my due. A word of praise, a knighthood…..just something simple.

  20. Hey, are you ever going to fix the link to my blog? You have two too many of these in the address: //

  21. sorry, vi – guess i’m just crap… (general lack of surprise)…
    (will try to surprise you!)

  22. now paul – you appear to have left a crap link – could be a dadaist heckle (and nuff respect to you for that) or a typo – either of which would have been appropriate on a truly inept blog like this; but let me know …

  23. It was an aside to Vi. But I shouldn’t have posted it here, so if you would just delete it, I would be most appreciative! 🙂

  24. you know, paul, I have absolutely no idea how to delete comments, and it doesn’t offend me so can we just leave it?

  25. Oh, sure. It was just that you said ” but let me know…”. So I let you know. I’m nothing if not considerate!

  26. Bush and the Republicans were not protecting us on 9-11, and we aren’t a lot safer now. We may be more afraid due to george bush, but are we safer? Being fearful does not necessarily make one safer. Fear can cause people to hide and cower. What do you think? What is he doing to us, and what is he doing to the world?
    Our country is in debt until forever, we don’t have jobs, and we live in fear. We have invaded a country and been responsible for thousands of deaths.
    The more people that the government puts in jails, the safer we are told to think we are. The real terrorists are wherever they are, but they aren’t living in a country with bars on the windows. We are.

  27. hey mr abush, if you read here regularly you will realise i don’t give a toss about america until it starts shooting geordies ‘by mistake’, so feel free to set out your plan for making america better (‘let’s make this a really nice shitheap…’) and i and both my readers will be in awe of you.

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