perve update – still searching

now i’m getting kinda freaked; yesterday’s coastist search term was ‘used to live whitley bay’ tho whether that was a reference to the searcher or a vicious slur about your honest blogger here, i wouldn’t know. there is clearly some kind of war being waged on me and this site by persons unknown (and that makes sense as there are one hell of a lot of persons out there i don’t know – i mean i don’t even know how many there are…etc.).

let me be clear: NE30 is not and never has been whitley bay. it’s a tunnel of love out there, but not for you, perve.

a propos of nothing whatsoever, i have just dropped in on the last 30 minutes of ‘kill bill’ and i must say that either he got killed pretty early in the piece or he has a really crappy part.

and how bored can one woman get of cutting bits off people? not as bored as me, i fear.


10 responses to “perve update – still searching

  1. I see that this forum has hit bottom once again and my services are required to resuscitate it. Very well! Not for nothing am I a wordsmith!

    Here is the problem. The post to which I am replying makes no sense to multinational people such as myself. Look at this: “let me be clear: NE30 is not and never has been whitley bay. it’s a tunnel of love out there, but not for you, perve.”

    Got it! Clear as mud.

  2. a – not so much hitting as continuing to bump along rock bottom
    and b- why do you imagine a sentence ending with the word ‘perve’ (in the vocative, i’ll have you know) was aimed at you?

  3. Of course it wasn’t aimed at me. I didn’t understand a word of it. Some sort of Geordie claptrap, I’m guessing.

  4. Kill Bill was indeed a drudge-fest of the lowest order.

    sorry I can’t be cleverer than that. But its true.

  5. cod – i am indeed honoured by your regal presence – tell me about the halibut, you sad individual (though i love you xxx)

  6. Mandatory Castration Society

    Pt has not grasped the concept that on one’s blog, one can address personal messages to whomever they choose – the other readers usually have the brains to work this out – I say, usually, there is the odd thicko who is too busy wanking over his daily squirt to grasp this basic priviledge of owning one’s own blog. Oh well, we can’t all be up there together on the top of the evolutionary ladder can we?

  7. that’s daisy isn’t it? how come you signed in as MCS – albeit a fascinating moniker ? mind you i have even signed in as rebecca (rather than one of her daughters, which might have been more plausible – care to do a spot the reference anyone? – i say anyone but you both know who you are, unless you’ve gone, too…) so what do i know?

  8. i reckon the evolutionary ladder got locked away in someone else’s darwinian shed.

  9. SW you are not supposed to bust people by giving away their other pseudos, especially when there are international fuckwits of non-mystery around! consider your wrist slapped – but then, it’s your blog – however, one reason I do not have my own blog is I like the hit and run method of striking at other blogs in a controversial,mrs merton style “let’s have a heated debate” sort of ….oh whatever.

    I explained my alt name over on (says in a whisper, in a mysterious way with a wink) another blog.

    My own theory about Kill Bill was that she was angry at the huge increasese in energy “bills” and when she got her quarterly statement after the long cold winter, went ballistic, and her slicing up of others was merely frustration at her attempt to kill the dual fuel bill – she could not kill the bill, so she took it out on others – tarantino’s genius!

  10. oops – sorry about my lack of understanding of – well, everything really. mcs very good tho. i just never get online etiquette (wow i have no idea of how to spell it!).

    kill bill as a modern allegory – particularly prescient as it was shot before the huge energy hikes in uk! genius, as you say.

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