have yourselves…

dear readers

i’m off north for the hols. thanks for reading and writing and i look forward to much more japery next year.

a less grinch-like luddite might have drawn some holly here but then i thought ‘ah bugger it – you’re so bloody arty, you can do it yourselves’.

pip pip and have a peaceful christmas


32 responses to “have yourselves…

  1. Have lotsa fun m’boy, and a safe and peaceful Christmas to you and yours.

    (Holly pic.

    Whaddya mean “I can’t see it?”


  2. Aye bonny lad – happy yool like, seeya when ye get back. PT is really wishing he had took me up on the ‘larn yasel Geordie’ course – or meby not like

  3. Sarah (Ethically Speaking)

    More like your Mum won’t let you have sharp crayons……

    Hope it’s a good one SW!

  4. Aye bonny lad – happy yool like, seeya when ye get back. PT is really wishing he had took me up on the ‘larn yasel Geordie’ course – or meby not like
    -Ms. Sparlke

    HELLO! Does anyone understand what this person is saying and can you translate it into Standard (American) English for me please?

  5. Hey you. Happy Yule(Yuletide) I will see you when you get back.
    Learn “yes sir Gordo” course – or maybe not sort of.

  6. “Ah man, wee but a feul wad hae sold off his furnitor and left his wife. Noo, yor a fair doon reet feul, not an artificial feul like Billy Purvis! Thous a real Geordie! gan man an hide thysel! gan an’ get thy picks agyen. Thou may de for the city, but never for the west end o’ wor toon.”
    (Rough translation: “Oh man, who but a fool would have sold off his furniture and left his wife? Now, you’re a fair downright fool, not an artificial fool like Billy Purvis! You’re a real Geordie! Go, man, and hide yourself! Go and get your pick (axes) again. You may do for the city, but never for the west end of our town!”)

    Soonds leek Robert Burns ta mea ain.

  7. Good God the forum is full of Swedes.

  8. Norwegians. Swedes are a sort of Turnip.

  9. G’morning Ms. Sparkle. I am glad you recovered from over your malady and can speak English again. You had me worried for awhile.

  10. Good Heavens! I have contracted it myself and am speaking gibberish!

  11. I am not certain it will be productive to engage with someone who expresses his critique of my Geordie dialect in terms of “babble” and “gibberish”

    Moreover is “glad” that I am “recovered from over your malady”

    I do however thank you for your concern.

  12. Speaking with me is always productive. “Babble” and “gibberish” are merely terms of endearment.


  13. I had thought they were Geordie for ‘bubble’ and ‘that-other-word-that sounds-like-gibberish’.

  14. Daerlin

  15. I have spent a bit of time researching this ‘Geordie’ which you speak and have discovered the following possibilities of where the name originated. I am sure this is all well known o you, but I found it fascinating:

    One opinion is that the name was born in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, when the Jacobites bypassed Newcastle, which, as well as favouring the Hanoverian King George, was also a well-guarded garrison. The Jacobites then said that Newcastle and the surrounding areas were all “for George”. Hence the name Geordies.

    Another probable school of thought thinks the name originated from the coal mines of Durham and Northumberland, for many poems and songs written about and in the dialect of these two counties speak of the “Geordie”. The Oxford English Dictionary states that the word has two meanings: a guinea (which had the figure of St. George on it) and a pitman. Whilst the name was applicable to coal-miners it later became applicable to Tynesiders in general.

    The third possible origin is from George Stephenson, who in 1815 invented the miners’ lamp. The Northumberland miners used this lamp in preference to that invented by Sir Humphrey Davy at the same time, and the lamp, and eventually, the miners themselves became known as Geordies.

    The last possible explanation also derives from George Stephenson. In 1826, he gave evidence to a Parliamentary Commission on Railways at which his blunt speech and dialect drew contemptuous sneers. From that date, it is said that Londoners began to call the Keelmen who carried coal from the Tyne to the Thames “Geordie”.

    Who is permitted to call himself a Geordie? Again there are various viewpoints. Originally, it would appear that the name applied only to miners (origin 2 and 3), Keelmen (origin 4) or inhabitants of Newcastle (origin 1). Later it became applied to members of the Tyneside Community at large. Nowadays, it would seem that anyone in Northumberland, Co. Durham or Tyne and Wear or who has escaped from Ireland or Scotland just ahead of the hangman can call themselves “Geordie”.


  16. Yes, a rich and colourful heritage.
    Not too sure about Durhamers et al calling themselves Geordies though.

  17. So you see, Ms. Sparkle, that we were able to successfully cross the boundaries of race, gender and language and have a nice conversation after all!
    Gan canny or we’ll dunsh summick.

  18. “dunsh summick”
    I do like the word “dunsh”

  19. And now we are friends! How lucky and proud you must feel at this moment!

  20. Fine example of projection. Of course, with my magnetic personality I am hardly a stranger!

  21. Don’t put yourself down, Ms. Sparkle. You are stranger than you can imagine. But I don’t mind at all. I hope your holidays are going wonderfully!

  22. I will ignore the ‘strange’ remark as my x husband used that as a form of mind control – unsuccessfully of course. As if being as ‘mad as my mother’ would even remotely, render me spineless or mindless (both nervous system I suppose). The holidays are good – I now have a digibox with a gazillion channels of tatty peelings. Except for the history channel of course, which I was enjoying, until I saw some seals that had developed a taste for Penguin blubber. David Attenborough and I were relieved when she got away—phew!
    I trust your holidays have been less stressful.

  23. Yes, thank you. I am quite unstressed since I believe that stress might decrease my enormous reservoir of humorous brilliance. Why wouldn’t seals like penguins? The ones I have eaten were quite tasty. The problem was keeping the charcoal grille going at McMurdo Station.

  24. Ah, I refuse to be bated by your tale of Pengi burgers – nor by your fancy for barbequed blubber. Each to their own. I am very liberal when it comes to food as I consume strange vegetables except they do not have a pulse – not counting the Triffids–of course.

    Muse…do Venus Flytraps come into this category? We used to have a one called Fred and I told my son that he would get out of his pot of a night and run amok around the house.

    Silence……………”I’m not very happy about this Fred mam”

    In addition, for the Seal eating Penguin episodes please do not mock- traumatised by the event, I will need to blog about it very soon.

  25. Oh, please Ms. Sparkle. Don’t think for a second I am baiting you. I wouldn’t have put in the comment about keeping the grille going. If a penguin-eating seal traumatizes you, be careful never to watch sharks munching on baby seals which then swim up on shore. We are not allowed to touch them or interfere in events of nature. It makes no sense, because after the pup has made shore it is no longer a prey item, but those are the rules. We see a lot of munched turtles as well. It is not that the sharks or seald are evil, it is their nature to hunt and eat.

  26. I noes about the ‘balance of nature’ and everything PT and I will keep away from shark muching baby seals! Oh the horror!

  27. 2007 Bumper stickers

    * If You Want a Nation Ruled By Religion, Move to Iran.
    * Bush. Like a Rock. Only Dumber.
    * If You Can Read This, You’re Not Our President.
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    * Impeachment: It’s Not Just for Blowjobs Anymore
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    * One Nation Under Clod
    * Bush Never Exhaled
    * At Least Nixon Resigned

  28. bugger – tergeist has built a spam machine!

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