well we know there ain’t none.

if you are a murdered woman in ipswich (dear God I don’t think i’d want to live there – much less get murdered there) they leave you in a ditch because they need the forensic evidence. i haven’t heard of this necessity with other ahem nicer girls who get what they deserve – i’m sorry, that should read – get strangled for no reason.

i won’t claim to be suffering to a similar degree and if i am belittling a serious subject, i’m sorry, but i too have a grievance (when do i not?) . i’ve been at the Leashold Valuation Tribunal (i said it wasn’t comparable); we live in a housing association flat part owned with Notting Hill Housing Group (formerly the charity that was Notting Hill Housing Trust) and after six years of refusing to repair the roof – or anything else for that matter – and my neighbours bringing up kids in the damp (we are fortunate in the latter), Notting Hill have decided that they will fix stuff but it will cost us £600,000. Now admittedly this is for a building of 25 flats and it’s over ten years, but these flats were sold as affordable housing, and with a guarantee, no less, against various things like damp and crap roofs. It was refurbished with alleged substantial expenditure on the roof just before we bought it. So having first being served with that bill 3 years into the life of the development was a surprise.

So the ‘professionals’ sit there lying their (rather expensive, i imagine) socks off and not batting a hair. And the lower income residents of the flats are beneath contempt – ‘a ghastly bunch’ i believe the opposition lawyer called us. And there’s a flash as the lightbulb goes on for me as ‘people who know’ are saying there actually isn’t any damp in your flat, and if there is it’s definitely your fault and it’s all down to a small pink pixie that nobody else can see and apparently sane people are nodding and saying ‘yes yes pixie’ and looking wise as they say it; and you think is this the tiniest taste of what it might be like to be anyone black confronted by the police, or a woman in court alleging rape and a lot of men shaking their heads and saying ‘how serious an allegation to make against a man’, or really anyone on the wrong end of privilege. or a woman unknown and unmourned by society, with kids and parents, ending her life with some bastard’s hands around her throat.

we’re lucky it’s just money and we can climb back into our cosy overcoat of white male (in my case) privilege – just a glimpse of another life…

and maybe that’s the one equality because in the hands of ‘experts’ we’re all just ‘a ghastly bunch’

(oh and the handle has fallen off the teapot)



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