party time (woohoo etc)

right! stormy and my avatar arrived at this blog at about the same time and that unusual conjunction of the planets must mean it’s time for a virtual party. i’ll hire the room and blow up the balloons (and if you knew of my fear of balloons you’d see how much you all mean to me if i do that – uggggh!).

you can claim your invite by logging on and commenting on this thread and you get to bring guests; you can suggest party games and activities, some music to play, what you might like to wear – you name it; the blog is officially liberty hall. i’ve checked with wordpress and they aren’t going to charge for numbers so you can each bring up to ten guests; feel free to hit other bloggers and invite them along; all i ask you to do is bring a dish of your own choosing to share with the happy throng; and because i am so kind and  like a bit of bitchery you each get one veto – you can ban anyone – but not someone who has already accepted or been put on a guestlist – that would just be nasty; and of course tell me exactly what i should order from the virtual drinks shop…

as a special incentive, my avatar is delighted to tell you he has  already booked the guest of honour and after dinner speaker: sheila jeffreys has very kindly agreed to join us and share with us her views on ‘cricket and the patriarchy’. i’m sure it will be fascinating. it’s going to be a wonderful (if virtual) occasion – don’t miss out…


73 responses to “party time (woohoo etc)

  1. stop press!
    have booked a band; they sound amazing and very appropriate: ‘blog party’ i think they are called…

    I’m bringing butternut squash soup – you can get the recipe at my blog, I’m going to cut and paste it here for you: html

    Eat it people, no drips on the red carpet please….


    this is so funny.

  3. Can we play Mornington Crescent please?

  4. ad – thanks for the soup (we could get breughel to paint us) – i hope you are assembling your perfect 10 guests for our perusal…

    jo – if we can’t play mornington crescent at a virtual party held in a non-existent space with people who aren’t there and some of whom may not even exist, then i don’t know where we CAN play it (yes ‘on radio 4’ if you insist, oh pedants); it will also give me a chance to try out my new east london line gambit (…salivates)
    welcome, all!

  5. I have nothing to wear, and my hair! What shall I do what my hair! I’ve been wrestling a Snow Berry half the day and I am a tad mucky. When is it?

  6. I’m here…
    …now what?

  7. Oh fab. I love Mornington Crescent.

    Question, though – as we’ll most probably be mulit-national gathering, can I just make sure that we’ll be playing the British Standard edition of 1982 (popularized by Parker & Parker) with play limited to the places allowed by the Third London Convention Code?

    Always best to clear up these details before actually starting to play, don’t you think?

  8. Ah well, if WW is here then I guess I’ll wander in. No idea wtf Mornington Crescent is so I’ll just sit in the corner and watch you all get very squiffy.

    Don’t stand on the kids will you?

  9. Sarmorrow I don’t have a clue either? Moreover, I will be careful of not standing on the kids. Been dodging five kittens most of the day, so I’m quite good at it.

  10. hello – sorry i am a little late – CLP had the morning in bed being ‘bad with the beer’; glad you could come and hope nobody trod on any of the children; the goth in the hoodie will be running the creche until 10.30, which is his ASBO curfew deadline. i think sara has kindly provided us a bowl of soap nuts to nibble on – ah yes – delightful, a unique err frothy sort of taste (excuse me a moment i urf glubble barf……………….) ahem. sorry. but they do keep your clothes clean and the greenfly off yer roses – and having just tried one, i can’t say i’m surprised – available from her site i believe…

    so has everyone decided who they want to invite? not quite there yet? need a little longer to think? no problem – i shall post my ten tomorrow here on the notice board and if people can leave their lists during the day – to recap, anyone at all can come, alive or dead; real or imaginary – let your imaginations guide you and when we have the guest list we can decide on a seating plan.
    So far Aradhana has offered some soup and i will be commissioning someof my unjustly not-famous-yet tarka dal; any requests or offerings gratefully received.
    blog party are only going to do a 30 minute set because half an hour on one weak pun is probably enough, so feel free to contribute other ideas for fun and merriment.
    re mornington crescent: i think given the space we shall have one room of BS (’82)and one room caller’s choice – WW’s suggestion though sensible is a little post-imperial i think.

    did i forget anything?

  11. Kids in bed now so no need to avoid them!

    I got some J2O and I’ll be in the kitchen making nice cups of tea. I’ll bring some of my famous home made ginger biscuits, ginger cakes, flapjack and bread.

  12. I’ve just concocted a chilli couscous, involving snap peas, red onion, various fresh herbs seeds and nuts. All very healthy and nutritious. Tomorrow I will be baking some wholemeal bread because I am not at work, have ran out of bread and I live freaking miles (2)away from any shops, trying to be greener than green and not using sorg (my car) unless absolutely necessary. I always keeps a store of ‘things to cook’ out of the cupboard so I can stay in my pj’s and read books, poodle on lap-top and yak to mates on phone. I might rustle up some other exciting munchies with other dried products yet! Though with being from Geordie land people may expect me to haul along a black pudding or ‘blood pudding’ as known by the USA’s n some tripe n a pigeon Cree I suppose. If this is a late do can I come in my PJ’s? Very nice turquoise adorned with cherries.

  13. PJ’s are fine with me!

  14. I am an uninvited guest. I climbed up the trellis and sneaked in through an open second-floor window. I would like to ask my unwilling and unwitting host to please insure, in future, that the lid of the water closet is down. I had the devil’s own time getting my shoe out of it and now it makes a squishy sound when I walk.

    I have come for the specific purpose of affording Ms. AD the opportunity to ban me so that she may feel the cold steel of revenge sliding between my ribs for the high crimes and misdemeanors of forcing her to admit things she would rather have kept in the closet.

    Revenge is best served cold on a bed of oily daal, so she is the ideal executioner!

    I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country! Do your worst, Madame! I am not afraid!

  15. PT – not funny and not clever.

    SW – are you allowing gatecrashers or was this person invited?

  16. Ok, I’ll start.

    Bethnal Green!

  17. Using my Veto to have PT thrown out please.

    WW you were on my list but if you’re already here does that mean I get 10 more?

  18. PT, gatecrashers and such:
    The terms of the invite were that simply by posting a comment you are de facto (always best to throw in some latin, just in case) invited; also Sarah, the veto is stated as not applying to anyone already here; this doen’t mean I will actually abide by any of my own rules or not change them just cos I feel like it – it’s my party (well my avatar’s and stormy’s really) and I am a neo-stalinist; I also accept a duty of care to my guests and Aradhna’s soup is too damn good to miss out on. As a liberal and at a party where mornington crescent seems already to have started ( bethnal green obviously tougher thanI realised as no response yet – very thorny opener, jo) I believe an obscurely rationalised compromise (I’m bringing fudge, obviously) is in order:

    PT claims to have climbed up the trellis – I have checked and I don’t see any trellis so presume he is shouting from the capacious grounds with a nasty sprained ankle. He is invited and yet has stated himself to be a crasher; I therefore believe him to be Schroedinger’s Guest and he is now in a box. We can consult together about what to do and what we may find if we open the box (or if we wish to). Whether or not he can (or wants to) speak from the box, I do not know – only time will tell – however, on inspecting the box it bears the legend: THIS BOX WILL NOT PERMIT FURTHER GOADING OF AD WHETHER ‘IN FUN’ OR OTHERWISE. Oh yes and underneath someone has scrawled ‘bollocks to free speech’.

    It’s up for discussion, then….

  19. There are energies OF (spirits OF) everything living thing that form in the Astral; people call them by various names, such as PT. The difference between these and Tulpa’s is that a Tulpa is created by and fed by an emotion. He is having none of my couscous even though it is not an emotion – it was made with loving kindness and mindfulness. I cannot be too careful with disembodied thought forms. I have spent the past couple of years merging mine back into nothingness. BOO!

  20. **waving a sage smudge stick around and placing candles and crystals in strategic locations**

    That should do the trick…..

  21. ahh! we’re going to smoke the bugger out of the box, i see; in that case, i shall put my underpants on my head and wander around the room intoning peculiar sounds.
    i’m liking your positivity and your jarmies, sparkly one – just out of interest, you haven’t brought a pen have you???….


  23. looks like you’ve won the first one! too much self-examination going on, i reckon. not good mixers, this lot. they need more parties (or alcohol)

  24. Top ‘o the morning. Gin & Bitters please-take this coating from my throat, hold the scones, wonderful vista Richa…uh…Simplywondered, always marveled at the English landscapes-where do you fit them all?

  25. scotland, mostly…we just get them out when guests are expected.
    thanks for coming, just pop your umbreall in the elephant’s foot – shot ‘im in karachi, ya know…soap nut with the gin and bitters? … i think you’ll find that’s my aunt’s pug rather than a footstool. can i get you a pouffe instead?

  26. Who you callin’ a pouffe young man!

  27. **pours WW a nice big glass of a nice Chablis**

    You got any wotsits SW?

  28. Hmmm, yes. Quite. Don’t mind if I do. So it had the little ears then, what? Beg pardon for my attire but I heard PJs would be the norm and I have just the one button left on these footed Doctor Dentons.

  29. Most certainly, I have my pen. Never without the blighter these days, old chap. (is my traditional English ok for the overseas guests) Yes, I have my jarmies on keeps out the weather on these Scottish landscapes (insert skreel of bagpipes here) but those blinking Haggi run up your trooser leg as soon as your back is turned.

  30. mmmm…I do like a drop of Chablis 😉

    Help yourselves to these little nibbly bits of exotically filled pastry and stuff won’t you. Marks’ you know – no time to cook.

    I was attacked by blinking Haggi once.

  31. Lancaster Gate

    Anyone brought any bubbly?

  32. Lancaster Gate?



    Ah! West India Quay!

  33. Maybe someone could pop down the offy?

  34. PT is on permanent ignore from this point on and I encourage everyone else to do the same!

    Online racial & sexual harassment is never funny. Why don’t you chase after a south asian male? Oh yah, you creepy white pervy indophiles are scard of brown men, right…

    Anyways, since this looks like a week long party I am going to bring some Imam Bayildi (sp?) and also some stuffed green peppers on Friday… I’ll post the recipe tomorrow for the green peppers.

    Can we watch an episode of the new show trading shoes? You can read the synopsis at my site… shameless plug …

    😛 What kind of music can we all agree on? 80s? I suggest for future parties – we should all do a ‘virtual exchange’ like link to party streamers, music, videos and recipes!!! It will be more of a party then – cause we’d at least have some sites (sights) and sounds! 🙂 streamers!

  35. ww- just watching Mel Brooks “High Anxiety” Wednesday and thought of you- woo woo. Do I look like a haggis in this thing? Scuse me, could I get another G&B, lime instead of the soap if its not too much trouble.

  36. gimlet for you, sir – certainly! could you just sit on that box a moment.
    now we ‘re running a bit low on chablis but wazza thoughtfully offered to nip down the all-night garage for something good…shouldn’t be stop plugging your bloody site and circulate – that’s the sort of thing I’d do…where the hell is wazza?
    witchy, you wouldn’t like a…hmmm… we must have something here…ah yes…guinness, poteen … and dandelion and burdock; the season’s new cocktail, ‘the ulster loyalist’ – a couple of these and you’ll be thrashing round helplessly with a sizeable blonde woman standing on yer knackers. enjoy!
    i think you should get to know infidel, aradhana – the meeting of the rationalist and surrealsit wings of the party.

  37. whoops i think i’m a bit drunk ‘surrealist’ i meant

  38. where were we – west india quay?

  39. Yunno how to foil the attacking haggis dontcha? They have one leg onger than the other so they can run round the slopes of Ben Nevis. All uou gotta do is yell “BOO!” they turn round, legs are the wrong way round and the fall off.

  40. BTW I have a couple of bottles of vino, the labels look nice….

  41. Online racial & sexual harassment is never funny. Why don’t you chase after a south asian male? Oh yah, you creepy white pervy indophiles are scard of brown men, right…


  42. “Yunno how to foil the attacking haggis dontcha? They have one leg onger than the other so they can run round the slopes of Ben Nevis. All uou gotta do is yell “BOO!” they turn round, legs are the wrong way round and the fall off”

    Aye then they run up ya jarmie trooser leg. Look, I have been asleep in the corner with a bag of wotsits and no one even noticed. I think it was the hypnotic scent of sage (I have a special hallucinogenic one that I have never taken, not even for research purpose) I feel like a victim.

  43. Sorry, I’ve been down the garage to find wazza. I think he’s done a runner with your dosh m’boy.

    Is there a haggis up your jarmie trooser leg Sparks? I’ll fetch the rolling pin…

    Yes. West India Quay. I’m going to win this in a minute.

  44. jo – i can offer you spar own brand bubble bath, a vilently shaken bottle of fizzy pop or some cristal 90 i had been saving for the birth of my next….sorry, dazza?…oh you tosser…well, jo, the spar comes highly recommended in this month’s asda magazine…

  45. ‘They have one leg onger than the other so they can run round the slopes of Ben Nevis. All uou gotta do is yell “BOO!” they turn round, legs are the wrong way round and the fall off” – or is that the scots???

    where were we? west india quay was it?…

  46. i gave wazza YOUR money actually – thought it might make it a bit more legal, him being 15 and you being errr not.

  47. this floor is definitely moving, i’m having one more galss of the spar and ….
    garggh … bloody russian bas….
    *snores like a buzzsaw*

  48. Mandos…. hey… You know i would have just said “Mandos” – but I refrained….

    Tee hee!

    The thing is – I’m sure said person, thinks I’m an easier target specifically because I’m a woman. I don’t care – he can imagine he’s funny, but I’m sure most agree he isn’t.

  49. This party seems to be getting rowdy!

  50. **sits back with a mug of tea and a bowl of popcorn to observe the rowdiness**

  51. **stands shoulder to shoulder with AD**

  52. 😉

    Since I quit drinking a few months back… I guess it’s okay to have a few virtual baileys, amarettos, kahluas…. mmmmm….

    Just someone make sure I am not doing somersaults on the floor! or hanging off the ceilng fan – or crazy other things …

  53. Virtual somersaults etc are as harmless as a virtual baileys, aren’t they?

  54. I never drank alcoholic drinks in the first place, so I will just order a virgin caesar.

    Of course, only AD would know what I’m talking about, I bet.

  55. Oh that is true WW!!! LOL
    *hangs off the ceiling fan* Weeee

    Mandos — you mean tomato juice ? 🙂


    Sorry AD – I’ll catch you if you fall 🙂

  57. I mean delicious clam juice mixed with delicious tomato juice with Lea’n’Perrins with a large quantity of tabasco. Which I demand from the bartender as my friends watch in awe as half the bottle of tabasco goes into the glass.

    Then I start drinking it and smiling calmly at my gape-mouthed companions. Of course, my insides are burning in agony. But machismo prevents me from displaying any of it.

  58. Since this is gonna be a virtual party – this round’s on me, in fact the next two rounds are on me!!! Mandos gets two whole bottles of tabasco to chug a lug on his own….

    chug a lug, chug a lug…. 🙂

    I will now ask everyone to form a line and do the achy breaky heart… after which will be followed the macarena and then let’s not forget the ketchup song!

    After the ketchup song, we will bust some pinatas out of which will disperse…. you guessed it – many small packets of Ketchup!!!

    just in time because we will now have a french fry eating contest in which you must carefully align the ketchup onto each and every fry. The one to do this to all their fries the fastest wins! If you mess up by not aligning a single fry with ketchup, you will be on virtual vomit duty, so the first person to mess up – is the loser! But since we are all femnists – we’re all winners! don’t forget!

  59. Mornington Crescent. I win!

  60. That’s cheating. You haven’t been through King’s Cross six times.

  61. Oh well done Jo! That was clever.

  62. weren’t we at west india quay then?

  63. Oh you just don’t know the rules, that’s wot.

  64. Oh well better late than never – is everyone gone now? Typical. I saw Sparkle (way up there in the archives) say she had nothing to wear – did this mean she would wear nothing?

    Shame, I was going to bring my twister game, some dried peas to make soup at your place (on a budget you know, have to use YOUR elec/gas to cook it), wear my best charity shop frock, bring a bottle of leibframilch or sanatogen, and was even going to clean/brush my teeth, put on some deodorant and wash my hair for the occasion (after all, I don’t get invited to many parties for some reason).

  65. …… and I see that my party entrance was no. 69 – not being rude or owt….again, ….typical of my luck – a patriarchically-adopted number if ever there was one!

  66. daisy – i am honoured by your presence. bollox to the concept of being late. i thank you for your split pea soup (one of my faves – shades of pease pudding) and am delighted you brushed your teeth. come back soon! alas, sparkle was fully clad to the best of my recollection (not that that was great… urrrgh).
    come earlier for the next party and have more fun (ahem).

  67. Thank you SW – yes, well, there is “being late” and there is “having absolutely no concept of time whatsoever”.

    Let me know asap when the next party is so I can work on my “time-awareness” skills – I hope to improve this by getting there within one week of the date instead of the 6 weeks it took me with the last one.

  68. i shouldn’t let the fact that everyone else was unfashionably early (by 44ish days) spoil the party for you. split pea soup in the pot 9 (and some) days old is still the food of the goddesses

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