live sex show

bugger! pigeons making out on my balcony – not sure if it’s sweet, emetic or heteronormative … damn you, confusing feminist thinkers!!!!


5 responses to “live sex show

  1. Hehehe I used to justify my desire to watch by calling it a study in animal behavior. No seriously, we had three families of pigeons in each of our two balconies. It was crazy!!! I could pigeon watch for 2-3 hours straight, it was fun. Plus you realized male pigeons were so damn civilized.

    Oh well.

  2. AD, you are weird weird weird. There must be something more to do in Canadia…oh maybe not, then. Still, I started it; so what does this say about me?
    You must have been watching new pigeons – yer London pigeon is not such a gent: hop on, hop off – more of a routemaster bus than a courtship ritual. And nothing but a softly cooed ‘is it in yet’ from the object of his pigeony affections drifting on the city breeze.

  3. I don’t think they do penetration. I am sure they just jump – squirt – and hope for the best. Maybe that is just chickens? So more like ‘softly cooed’ ‘have you squirted yet’ or am i been crude?

  4. …which would explain why she didn’t know if there had been any insertion – I mean, you are much brainier than a pigeon (damned with faint praise, sorry) and you aren’t totally sure…
    maybe we could lend them the penis that was less mighty than the pen – i like that on your day off you used a pen to deflate male dominance as opposed to the keyboard!
    you rock awesome geordie blogdudewoman

  5. “you rock awesome geordie blogdudewoman” Gee thanks. However, I have never stabbed a penis before, Bobbit style or anything. Honest

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