hitting my target market

the first recorded use of a search term to hit my site. i laugh at those of you who have such palatable ones as ‘virgin being raped anally by small cute fluffy duck’. here at ‘there’s a place for us’ we have a more refined searcher; a chap who despairs of having to put money into a capitalist’s pocket to see his birthright and wants to know how to ‘watch the ashes without sky sports’. gawd bless you, freind; a noble pursuit – and if you come across a good answer, do please let me know.


15 responses to “hitting my target market

  1. I seem to collect pond life on my stats. Ranging from ‘strangulation necro-babes pictures’ to ‘nuns up-skirt, they didn’t know’

  2. blimey! you think you’d know if there was a nun up your skirt.

  3. Not if it was a habit eww sorry

  4. ‘huge bum hole free pictures’ is a common one. How huge is huge?

  5. well the ngoro ngoro (potential apologies to its friends and relatives for dubious spelling) crater is large so it’d be bigger than that…and it’d definitely be defined in how many times the area of wales it is…

  6. Just talk nice to me.

    I’m so sick-fed-up of ‘dirty’.

  7. you are the witch! how could anyone dare or wish to speak other than respectfully to you!!!!
    speaking of talking dirty: (which I’m aware we weren’t) i have one friend who always asks me to say ‘ticket’ to her, which with a slight geordie inflection sends her a bit wibbly….
    de gustibus, as we say in north shields

  8. hey sparkle – why don’t we set up a pond blog and repost any such comments on there? or would that be a bit over-literal for them? i like the disemvoweller and the various troll bins; here at least it’s a troll-free zone – sad indictment that there are some depths to which trolls will not stoop – just mind out for the tumbleweed…

  9. It would be Whitley Bay not a pond SW. My trolls want me to ‘die in a car fire’ while I get ‘shagged up the ass’, I do not think they have cottoned on to the implications. They have sent porn with my name on it and voice over. Little weeping chancres have gone to a lot of trouble. I was going to put ’em in the Troll Bin but I thought they may get over excited by the attention. Saying that they have been quiet lately and just sneak up on my stats. Is this dirty talk?
    Re Geordie ‘ticket’? I have a similar experience with ‘like’.

  10. blimey! dying in a car while being shagged up the ass does say ‘whitley bay’ to me. they seem like a very nice and imaginative bunch. must really cheer you up getting feedback like that.
    actually who the hell are we, north shields nobhead and shiremoor shiteface, to be looking down on the fine town of whitley bay???

  11. I like Whitley Bay I meant it was bigger than a pond! I used to call the Spanish City the spanner shitty, and I spent my childhood literally on the beach, my mother used to ‘loose’ me on frequent occasions and think that I had drowned. I remember one occasion clearly – but it is a long story involving ice cream, bananas, sand and a woman called Margaret.

  12. i like whitley bay too and can never hear rock away (dire straits) without remembering going on the caterpillar at the spanner shitty (as it shall evermore be known).
    but tynemouth was my beach…when we were all a bit older we turned up with decorating tables, pitched them on the beach, covered with our mothers’ finest damask (well polycotton) and served dinner for 16 in black tie.the lasses were dead impressed! course, we were classy…us.

  13. I bet they thought you were classy, what with pasting tables and damask (esque) cloths. Though I am curious at to what sort of dinner you served. My memories only serve me…egg and tomato sandwiches and dressed crab from the stall on the slope down from the spanner shitty. Oh happy childhood memories…

  14. they thought we were so classy they used the phrase ‘yadaftfuckaz’. the dinner was cold but good. think it was largely salads. we also had a few chips which people hurled down from the cliffs at us.

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