blog back on track

it’s nice to see that after moving home and a flurry of welcome comments (not to mention comments of welcome) my page views per day have returned to their natural level in single figures. all is now officially well with the world and you can be sure that reading this you are either in a vast echoing chamber (the inside of my head most likely – a bit like ‘being john malkovitch’ without the unflattering haircuts), with someone who has stumbled on the wrong blog or among the select few. i leave it to you, my beloved regulars, to determine which of these applies to each of you.

maybe the improved stats on wordpress are not for tender souls like me. perhaps the ivory tower of the archfeminist at blogspot is where i should be spending my reclining years. i guess it depends which blog has sky sports so i can watch the ashes (i’m too mean to buy it myself and sufficiently dishonest to claim i’m too principled to put money in the pocket of the digger). i fear the answer is neither.



15 responses to “blog back on track

  1. I’m still here!
    Now where did Witchy go……

  2. I’m still here counting. If I count things enough it stops me from thinking too much

  3. if i keep thinking it helps me stop counting. we should team up.

  4. you make a lovely pair….

  5. I’m still here too. I both think and count. And I organise things into categories as well.

  6. Why am I not on your blogroll? Do you hate me now?

  7. WW you scare me!

  8. sarmorrow – i have a lovely pair
    ww – doing three things at once – you must be a woman and a half (or three men)
    vi – you aren’t on my bogroll because i am inept – can only work out how to do wp ones (as i think they intended, cunning and somewhat cheeky multi-millionaires that they are)
    sarmorrow – thought witches were meant to be scary…

  9. SW – Go to your dashboard. Click on ‘blogroll’. Click on ‘Add Link'(at the top on the left hand side underneath where it says ‘Write’). Wait a sec. Type ‘Reclusive Leftist’ in the box where it says ‘Name’. Copy this:
    and paste it into the box that starts http:// then click on ‘Add Link’.

    Vi should then be on your blogroll.

  10. Mmm yes and where is sparkle*?
    You have a lovely pair. Does a team make a pair, of course, and witches are not scary just watch out…that’s all (no smiley)

  11. I prefers apples myself, and no, witches are not scary in the least. It’s the media representation of the Witch that is portrayed as scary.

    Hmm, I think that’s a blog post all of it’s own…

  12. Ah, but then, I am scary (apparently). But that’s not because I’m a witch 😉

  13. Indeed not Big Sis! It’s because you are just plain scary at times. But I loves you anyway.

    The media witch portrayal thing got me thinking. I’m going to do some research at some point (prob December) and then I’ll blog my feelings with something to back them up with. But it’s set off a bit of a rant here.

  14. Sparkle has done much research on the ‘witch hunts’ and I have written many a post. Be prepared sarmorrow the findings are hideous.

  15. I suspected they might be and they’ll have to wait while I deal with getting Sam away from the nasty bloke………

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