aussies not what they used to be – official

As suspected, England cricketer Monty Panesar has been the subject of sickening racial abuse in Australia. In the latest match against New South Wales he was apparently called ‘a stupid Indian’ by a member of the crowd. His tormentor was later removed but not before he compounded matters with a stinging criticism of the amount of swivel in the plucky slow left-armer’s delivery stride. A NSW police spokesman later said: ‘We had a pretty stern word with the bloke about what he said and can confirm that we think Monty overswivels in his delivery stride too. And Freddie Flintoff definitely did eat all the pies.’

The Australians have vowed to subject England to a barrage of nasty comments – apart from Kevin Pietersen whom they think unlikely to understand any of it.

Goodness, if this is the kind of examination England’s cricketers will have to endure, they might as well go home now.

Oops! Marcus Trescothick already has.


12 responses to “aussies not what they used to be – official

  1. **************tumbleweed******************

    Your dinner’s ready…..

  2. just me liking cricket, then? it is the battleground on which the mock wars of the patriarchy are fought, you know! still not interested, huh?
    our women beat the aussies last time…

  3. cricket is boring – whether it is played by women or men.
    What was for dinner Witchy?

  4. My Grandfather used to like cricket and that is all I can remember about it.

    Aye………tumbleweed………..clunk………..tumbleweed……clunk……..time for tea.

  5. i netted with one of the england women – she was shit hot! mind you, she should be as she plays for her country, but given the relative novelty of women’s cricket being taken seriously, the standard is pretty bloody good.

  6. oh sorry – forgot the bit about it being boring whatever…

  7. Actually, I quite enjoy watching a good game of cricket. Not so much the one-dayers – there’s little or no subtlety – but the building of scores over two or three days can be quite hypnotic.

    And I think cricket has the best commentators too.

    And I’ve heard of Rachel Heyhoe-Flint.

    Dinner was fish ‘n’ chips. (It’s Friday.)

  8. Pizza with a mate, all our respective children sprawled on the floor in front of the telly, we sat in the kitchen and set the world to rights – Which reminds me Witchers, need to talk to you!

  9. k. There’s a birthday going on in this house today so I may not be around till tomorrow.

  10. When you can hon, but reasonably soon as I have a deadline!

  11. a birthday in your house too, witchers; we are closer and closer…N was 4 on the 16th. so someone else somewhere is an annoying scorpio!

  12. heh. CLP was rather older than 4 on the 18th.

    Hope N had a lovely day and they all enjoyed the party 🙂

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