sweet melancholy postman

reactions to my last post (”we do hope it is your last, mr wondered” wasn’t one of them) have left me quite moist at the eyes. the very fact that verging on 100% of my readership of err fourteen, fifty three, two hundred and eighty four thousand one hundred and nine, how many bits of butter…seventy eight…oh ok about 4, but look at the quality; people of discernment from all over the world from shiremoor to virginia to an undisclosed bunker in the east midlands (is it, witchy?) with rapid access to robin hood international airport to fight patriarchy in the cave in afghanistan where it now lurks… sorry where was I? (please don’t take away my ellipsis)…ahem

the fact that you have shown such warmth when we have only come across each other blogging says much about the power of this relatively new form of community and more about you – thanks for caring and saying you care.

recently one blogger has (probably) decided to stop blogging, perhaps for good, because she felt bullied and abused by comments. i have been bouyed beyond measure by the people i am beginning to know online. this is a powerful tool and can have more impact than we sometimes realise for good or ill. so as a thank you to my kind posters and a lesson for us to be gentle when we can, i offer a poem woooah hold on…

BLOODY HELL!!! a poem???

there’ll be pictures of cats and sneezing next. at least it isn’t one of mine. it’s well known – without being banal and if i may offer a blindingly obvious comment on it (checks with blog owner – yeah, fine mate, knock yourself out – cool) remember we are all in each other’s hands and we all have some measure of responsibility for the happiness of others. relish it…

He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven

Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread upon my dreams.



40 responses to “sweet melancholy postman

  1. And I know I’m amongst many who will miss that particular blogger’s voice immensely. But we all understand how the never-ending jibes and piss-taking and personal attacks (not to mention the vile intentions of the trolls) can reinforce the feeling that you are actually “screaming into the void”.

    (Incidentally, East Midlands? Nah, leafy Hertfordshire. Ease of access to all major transport links, you know.)

  2. ‘Ease of access to all major transport links’ – always makes me think ‘this place is so nasty you will want to leave in a hurry – but not my beloved Herts!

  3. Ah but I am in easy reach of Robin Hood airport! And the M1.

  4. Hmm, “There’s a place for us” somehow reminds me of Highlander. Although that was “There’s NO place for us.” and the song was Who Wants to Live Forever.

  5. I was born and spent my childhood in shiremoor, but I was removed by my mothers remarriage from the fields and chickens many moons ago. Saying that nowt wrong with my roots and fowls (including vicious badass geese) Mmm been looking to maybe relocate to my childhood. Nostalgia or maybe a longing for fields and simplicity? Probably ‘roots’ stuff as I still live near to fields and woods (no fowl or crazy geese though)Mmmm ponder “there’s a place for us”

  6. Isn’t it from West Side Story?

    There’s a place for us,
    Somewhere a place for us.
    Peace and quiet and open air
    Wait for us

    There’s a time for us,
    Some day a time for us,
    Time together with time spare,
    Time to learn, time to care,
    Some day!

    We’ll find a new way of living,
    We’ll find a way of forgiving
    Somewhere . . .

    There’s a place for us,
    A time and place for us.
    Hold my hand and we’re halfway there.
    Hold my hand and I’ll take you there
    Some day,

  7. More than likely, but then you’re old and I’m young. I’ll assume it’s an age gap thing.

    But if you want to hold my hand, I’m happy!

  8. I will change the words to me. Though that will mean holding my own hand, which is cool anyway.

  9. err hello!!! my site; it’s like the school disco with all the girls paying attention to each other and not me (too damn sensible if you ask me). if there’s hand-holding to be done, I should at least be involved somewhere…
    somehow some day
    oh I wish I’d never started this. it’s a silly musical anyway and, as cole porter said about soemthing else: ‘it’s a very fine musical. but why did it take two of them to write it?

  10. Cuz they were holding hands and they had not asked you. You were too busy at the school disco wondering why the girls were not paying you attention. Does this sound familiar?
    (look no smiley)

  11. She started it….

  12. Witchy has one hand, I have a spare if you want a hand to hold SW? It would mean I’d have to stop typing…..

  13. Oh now I’m been left out. *flounce huff*

  14. at last count, I had TWO spare hands so…

  15. Shall we all join hands in a supportive circle?
    Group hug anyone?

  16. Group hug!

    (Oh no, that has just reminded me of ‘hugs not drugs’ when I was working as a drugs counsellor. No Magic shrooms mind ya!just found some Liberty caps the other day)

  17. we could do hugs AND drugs if you prefer?

  18. My boss asked me to identify the ‘shrooms growing in the Poison gardens. After careful examination I declared them to be Psilocybe semilanceata, she thanked me and then proceeded to inform me that they were counted with a wry smile on her face. She jests! I know she trusts me with hallucinogenic fungi. So anyway, if you would like a drugy-huggy I know where there are some extremely good….

  19. I am joking by the way everyone.

  20. rofl
    Are they organically grown? fairly traded?

  21. Bolleaux! Are they feminist???

    Tell you what…. why don’t all us womens just creep off somewheres and let the manly types keep on a’wondering ’bout what it is that makes us womenfolk and what it is that jus’ keeps ’em puttin’ us down?

    Sorry for the hijack SW (but not really – just severely pissed off. which shall from henceforth be known as SPO). WW is angry.

  22. Not Bolleaux! Are they organic, fairly traded AND Feminist!

  23. I have renamed them Dworkins organics (free trade obviously) I am also in a SPO mode today, just had a 2 hour *gasp* (free on a weekend) phone conversation about the very stuff you talk of WW.
    Went barging into the garage and turned a whole pile of ’squirt’ over in a dramatic fashion in front of the whole shop…….tumbleweed……tumbleweed
    Pump number 8 please

  24. Having minor SPO moment, that bloody WW is making me think. I blogged it.

  25. I’m loving the Dworkins organics 🙂

    Also the ‘squirt’ action – fab. Barging is a brilliant indicator that one is SPO, I find.

    “That bloody WW…” huh? *tuts*

  26. Hah! You know I love you really!

  27. forgive me, but as an infrequent visitor to this blog, i don’t suppose anyone could explain what any or all of you are SPO about?

  28. Witchy?

  29. bugger. 51

  30. What’s with the numbers? Dworkin’s organics? Alas the Prof has ’em counted 😉

  31. SW is watching his stats. He had 49 hits so we both raced over to make it 50. She won.

  32. Richard, I’ve realized what the name of your blog should be: “Arch-Feminist With A Penis”

    Truth in advertising and all that.

  33. it does rather make it look like the penis is a bit of a USP and i’m not sure it’s up to that… still i might get abit of dodgy traffic so swings and roundabouts.
    now what is the witch upset about and who do i need to go round and have a quiet non-confrontational word with about it? also have direct lines for much of patriarchy so let me know.

  34. and thanks for boosting the traffic everyone – hardly artificial or a mercy fuck; not proud.

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