be afraid, be very afraid – the simply wondered brand marches relentlessly on like a relentless marching thing. not content with reaching and improving the lives of literally four inhabitants of our planet, my territorial ambitions know no bounds. lebensraum is all (not to mention the fabby features alleged to be on offer here at wordpress – gawd bless yer, guvners) and we are a two-blog household. but what will i do with two when i can barely handle the traffic from one. you can rest assured my quality will remain at the stellar level you have come to expect and i won’t be overselling myself. i will merely change the world. and not a little – a lot.

and still no poems.


12 responses to “bang

  1. Just 2? I have 6 I think, might be 5, I lose track yunno….

    Don’ like wordpress though.

  2. Well I have trillions.

    And I don’t need poems.

    And WP is fab.

    Welcome to the wonders of WP Simply 🙂

  3. 2 6 5 trillions – readers or blogs?
    thanks for your welcomes, bloopies!

  4. Blogs. A couple on blogger, 4 on blogsome. WP just doesn’t let me do what I want to without paying for it, which I think is just plain cheeky.

    WW, why are you not writing?

  5. I’m always blimming writing!

    Why am I not NANO writing, you mean? Well, I kind of am.

    SW – please don’t refer to me as a ‘bloopie’. It’s reminiscent of a very poor 1980’s show hosted by Jeremy Beadle or somesuch. (And don’t forget, I’m your mother ;))

  6. Hi simplywondered – sparkley geordie woman wafting though on some flying herbs 😉

  7. Blougie? Groggy? Bloghanger?

    And yeah I meant NANO

    8500 and rising……

  8. sparkling geordie lass, you are most welcome; I hope in due course there will actually be something for you to read here…
    bloghanger I like – kinda like a clotheshanger that can type…
    please supply your own winky thing – I cannot bring myself to use them. and emoticon is (like bogosphere – re-christened bloglobe) a word we really should seek to avoid.

    you think wordpress are cheeky for trying to charge for extra functionality? – what about when the sainted mr mullenweg introduced a whole load of ‘search engine spam’ into the mix – not sure what it is but I don’t like the sound of it. The boy will be a millionaire before…oh really? ah well.

  9. NaNo as in National Novel Writing Month. Go see my blog for a link and explanation.
    13.5k and rising……

  10. rhetorical question, sarah

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